Methane hydrates

Peak oil - Apr 17

Staff, Energy Bulletin

The Economist: Is there really an ocean of oil off Brazil?
Jean Laherrère: Hydrates updated

Petroleum Geologist Jeffrey J. Brown at UCSB
6 ways to profit from 'peak oil'

Why do oil prices keep rising?

archived April 17, 2008

Foolish choices - Jan 2

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Japan mines `flammable ice,' flirts with environmental disaster
An end to coal power? Unlikely
Hansen: The wrong choice for Massachusetts

archived January 2, 2008

Energy sources - June 26

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Tapis, world's most expensive oil, may keep gains against Brent
First coal-to-oil mass converter to start operation in China
South Korea finds gas hydrate offshore
Shell shelves oil-shale
Argentina maintains NG supply cuts to industry
GAO on nuclear wastes

archived June 26, 2007

Energy producers - Apr 20

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Iraq may hold twice as much oil
Jerome a Paris is dubious
Bering Sea likely rich in hydrates

archived April 20, 2007

Methane Hydrates - Feb 28

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Alaska Fire and Ice

Anomalies caused by ancient event

Slope test well yields 'gold mine of data'

Japan, Canada to Start Test-Production

archived February 28, 2007

Misc energy - Oct 28

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Shell bid may start rush for oil sands majors /
Indian Oil plans $6 billion refinery in Ceyhan of Turkey /

Blair welcomes new gas pipeline from Norway /
Making fire from ice: a new fuel for the 21st century (gas hydrate)

archived October 28, 2006

Oceans and climate - July 25

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Institute of Science in Society ocean series:
Oceans in Distress /
Oceans and Global Warming /
Oceans: Carbon Sink or Source? /
Acid Oceans /
Abrupt Plankton Shifts /
Global Warming and Plankton /
Plus: Undersea gas could speed global warming - study /
Warmer waters disrupt Pacific food chain

archived July 25, 2006

Climate - July 22

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Undersea gas could speed global warming - study / NASA’s goals delete mention of home planet / Researchers link wildfires, climate change / Global warming, not just heat wave

archived July 22, 2006

US in race to unlock new energy source

David Adam, The Guardian (UK)

Green groups warn against moving methane hydrates from beneath seabed

archived April 3, 2005

Out of Gas: Sediments in Northern Gulf of Mexico Not Right for Methane Gas Hydrate Formation, Study Shows

Press Release, Georgia Research Tech News

Marine sediments in the northern Gulf of Mexico are likely too warm and salty to hold the amount of methane gas hydrates – a potential energy resource – originally thought to exist in the ocean floor there.

archived March 26, 2005