Methane hydrates

San Francisco peak oil task force report

San Francisco Peak Oil Preparedness Task Force, City & County of San Francisco

San Francisco was born at the beginning of the oil age, and the city has flourished during an era in which fossil fuels became the foundation of our economy and society...Task Force Members will present their findings to members of the Board of Supervisors’ Government Oversight and Audit Committee in Room 263 of City Hall at 2:00 PM on Thursday, July 23. Interested readers in the San Francisco Bay Area are invited to join them in room 263, City Hall, at 2:00 P.M.

archived July 21, 2009

Biofuels & methane hydrate - June 17

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Book Review: Green Algae Strategy
Mining "Ice That Burns"
Human sewage to power thousands of homes

archived June 17, 2009

Prices & supplies - May 19

Staff, Energy Bulletin

A coming world that's 'a whole lot smaller' (Jeff Rubin's new book)
Raymond James: Don’t ‘underestimate’ oil’s coming 1980s-style down cycle
Why oil shortages may cause price decreases, rather than increases
The race to harness hydrates

archived May 19, 2009

Geopolitics - May 15

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Report: Climate change will bring big problems for small number of countries
Moscow warns of future energy wars
King Abdullah of Jordan's ultimatum: peace now or it’s war next year
Pipelineistan goes Af-Pak

archived May 15, 2009

Methane Hydrates: What are they thinking?

Richard Embleton, Energy Bulletin

What is the next energy source that will give us what oil, coal and natural gas give us today? A Great many scientists, industry leaders and governments throughout the developed world believe that will be methane. More specifically they believe it will be methane hydrates.

archived December 17, 2008

Climate - Oct 19

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Weaving the magic number, 350, into Transition
US climate change activists go on trial
Methane hydrates: Energy's most dangerous game
Climate change and wildfires

archived October 19, 2008

Climate & environment - Sept 23

Staff, Energy Bulletin

The methane time bomb
Permafrost may survive global climate change, new evidence suggests
Catastrophic fall in numbers reveals bird populations in crisis throughout the world

archived September 23, 2008

United Kingdom & Europe- Sept 18

Staff, Energy Bulletin

UK report: Energy security 'more important than climate change'
EU could halt energy demand growth, says study
Cheap thrills: Can you live on a pound a day?

archived September 18, 2008

United Kingdom - September 8

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Brown vows freedom from oil dictatorship
How food waste can power your home
When the wind doesn't blow
Environment Minister Sammy Wilson: climate change views are "hysterical psuedo-religion"

archived September 8, 2008

Coal - August 6

staff, Energy Bulletin

Dirty tactics to defend a dirty industry
The stakes could not be higher. Everything hinges on stopping coal
Coal's future is safe - but what about the climate?
Green groups drop opposition to Texas coal plant

archived August 6, 2008