Solar, coal, nuclear - June 26

Staff, Energy Bulletin

The economics of solar power
How clean coal cooks your brain
Radioactive déjà vu in the American West

archived June 26, 2008

Saudi oil - June 23

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Saudis announce oil production increases - again
The devil is in the production details of Saudi Arabia
Saudi's oil fields on Viagra?
Saudi Arabia - opening the tap?

archived June 23, 2008

United Kingdom - June 17

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Inflation surges to highest in 16 years
Brown: oil price is 'the most worrying situation in the world'
Brown says world needs 1,000 extra nuclear power stations
Climate change protesters hijack coal train

Tories to block third runway at Heathrow

archived June 17, 2008

Nuclear - May 26

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Robots scour sea for atomic waste
NYT: Italy embraces nuclear power
NYT breathtakingly clueless on nuclear energy
Europe going nuclear despite warnings

archived May 26, 2008

Problems - May 14

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Floods in Australia coal-mine raise costs of cars, planes, washers
Gas 'chimneys' sweep BP clean coal plan away
New wave of nuclear plants faces high costs

archived May 14, 2008

Energy industries - May 11

Staff, Energy Bulletin

As Gazprom goes, so goes Russia
Is ExxonMobil's future running dry?
Mines engineers in pivotal position, Yergin tells grads
Scientific American: Nuclear fuel recycling - more trouble than it's worth
World coal demand has prices skyrocketing

archived May 11, 2008

United States - May 7

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Green's moment of truth?

Big Oil’s friends in the Senate (tax credits for renewables)
$5 gas near, 78% of Americans say
Economic stimulus check burned for warmth
Uranium claims along Grand Canyon rim
In West, mining's return faces resistance

archived May 7, 2008

U.S. thinking on energy - May 4

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Michael Klare: The new geopolitics of energy
Lester Brown: Reducing our carbon footprint
Carbon-free and nuclear-free: Roadmap for US energy policy

archived May 4, 2008

Solutions and not - May 3

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Greening away poverty
PG&E chief’s green crusade
Greenwashing: Who’s winning the green race online?
Amory Lovins: Forget nuclear

archived May 3, 2008

Surprises - May 1

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Shell ditches renewable stake amid fears of a retreat to carbons
Nuclear's CO2 cost 'will climb'
Rockefellers call for change at Exxon Mobil
How wind turbines are subsidized by fossil fuels

archived May 1, 2008