Deep thought - Aug 24

Staff, Energy Bulletin

EROEI - most important criterion for deciding how to meet energy needs?
The source of hope
David Holmgren and FutureScenarios (re-post)
Ghost Town & Land of Wolves (Chernobyl)
Economic growth mongering and its apologists

archived August 24, 2008

Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, nuclear energy and government

Jerome a Paris, European Tribune

As we see news of the possible (and increasingly likely) bailout of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae by the US Treasury, I am reminded of something that I have been writing about nuclear energy, ie that it should be financed by the State, and I'd like to extend on why I think there are fascinating similarities between the two topics, however distinct they may seem.

archived August 20, 2008

United States - August 20

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Anti-regulation aide to Cheney is up for energy post
Why oil prices continue to fluctuate
Petrol pump pilgrims keep faith
Renewed push for uranium mining in West

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Coal - Aug 12

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Arthur Scargill: Coal isn't the climate enemy, Mr Monbiot. It's the solution
Monbiot: Old King Coal is a brave old soul, but he is talking utter nonsense
Expert: Replace old inefficient coal power plants
What future for coal in South Africa?

archived August 12, 2008

Nuclear - Aug 11

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Gallup Poll: Nuclear power less popular than other energy strategies
August nuclear thoughts: the new proliferation

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United States & Canada - August 8

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Changing Lanes(McCain and energy policy
Candidates' energy plans analyzed (audio)
The true meaning of energy independence (video)
Paris for President?
Great leadership in the face of a cynical power structure

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ODAC Newsletter - August 8

staff, Oil Depletion Analysis Centre

A digest of news and commentary from a UK peak oil perspective.

archived August 8, 2008

Nuclear - Aug 3

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Age issues may shut down U.S. nuclear power plants
Russian nuclear power monopoly eyes projects in Chile, Ecuador
Kurt Cobb: The nuclear future that never arrived

archived August 3, 2008

Energy policies - July 31

staff, Energy Bulletin

The real question: should oil be cheap?
Spain to cut speed limit in bid to reduce oil imports
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says the reactor revival is NOT ready for prime time

archived July 31, 2008

Energy policies - July 27

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Senate hearing to consider resolution to issue subpoena to the administrator of US EPA (video)EPTV Executive news roundtable - corporate energy efficiency(video)
Obama's energy strategy not much different from McCain's (video)

archived July 27, 2008