Everything you need to know, in order - part II

Sharon Astyk, Casaubon's Book

Ok, I’m going to try and work some more on the list of necessary skills. So five more entries on this subject - and more coming. Last time was the absolute minimum - but I’m still working on a list of everything you might ever need to know.

archived July 28, 2008

Water - July 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Is growth over? - California's continuing water crisis may mean the end of the state as we have known it
Mideast facing choice between crops and water
Spain's water fair tackles conservation with innovation

archived July 21, 2008

Climate - July 16

Staff, Energy Bulletin

True to form, Bush administration still refuses to regulate greenhouse gases
White House buries climate change deaths report
Diary: Colorado River drought

archived July 16, 2008

Australia - July 16

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Australia faces food crisis as rivers reach new low
A gas supply disruption case study - the Varanus Island explosion
Australia considers first new coal port in 25 years

archived July 16, 2008

Water - July 13

Staff, Energy Bulletin

California drought putting businesses out of business

Will water fuel an Armageddon?
Ontario fears: A war is brewing over water

archived July 13, 2008

Climate - July 9

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Doing nothing is not an option for survival
A different climate change apocalypse than the one you were envisioning
Time for Plan B: cutting carbon emissions 80 percent by 2020
Climate change: now what?
Ruthless drought in West Timor puts children in crisis

archived July 9, 2008

Solutions & sustainability - July 7

Staff, Energy Bulletin

A how-to book for everything from water filters to fly traps
8 principles for successful rainwater harvesting
Feasta seminar talks online
A walk around Totnes with permaculturalist Patrick Whitefield
Les mycorhizes: La nouvelle révolution verte
Canadian clean energy training portal launches

archived July 7, 2008

United Kingdom - July 4

Staff, Energy Bulletin

The art of wishful thinking, or why the World Cup Finals won’t get us out of this
Hauliers warn of wildcat strikes over fuel prices
London Biotopes and Body Ecologies (London water)

archived July 4, 2008

Environment & water - June 30

Staff, Energy Bulletin

U.S. ecosystem report indicates trouble
The intersections of energy and water
US mayors agree to phase out bottled water

archived June 30, 2008

Dysfunction - June 26

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Canada's tar sand El Dorado... or is it?
'I'm waiting for riots in the streets' - Britain at war over rubbish
Conservative government destroys Atlanta like Gen. Sherman never could (water)

`Demographic winter' is just overheated rhetoric

archived June 26, 2008