Water - Sept 12

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Huge increase in spending on water urged to avert global catastrophe
Shrinking water supplies and growing energy demands
California revives program to buy water from farmers

archived September 12, 2008

Deep Thought - September 8

Staff, Energy Bulletin

CSIRO paper: A comparison of the Limits to Growth with Thirty Years of Reality
Is California on the brink of environmental collapse?
The machine in our heads

archived September 8, 2008

Food & agriculture - September 3

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Victory garden
George Monbiot - fructivist
Beyond carbon: Scientists worry about nitrogen’s effects
Human waste used by 200 million farmers, study says
Drought in Australian Food Bowl Worsens

archived September 3, 2008

Population & environment - Aug 30

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Scientists: Save the planet-have fewer kids
Global warming: the population connection
"Water Mafias" put stranglehold on public water supply
Krill rebound - key link in ocean food chain

archived August 30, 2008

Electricity & water - Aug 25

Staff, Energy Bulletin

TVA electric rate increase largest in 34 years
Energy-rich Gulf faces power shortage of unprecedented proportions
Demand for water and electricity to grow remarkably in Abu Dhabi
The Economist: Running dry

archived August 25, 2008

Water - August 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Importing food means exporting drought
Sanitation: Creating a stink about the world's wastewater
The Guardian special on water

archived August 21, 2008

United Kingdom - August 20

Staff, Energy Bulletin

House of Lords suggests lifting VAT from cost of repairing electrical goods
Plan for anaerobic digesters in every town to recycle leftovers
Revealed: the massive scale of UK's water consumption

archived August 20, 2008

Water - August 20

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Leading Wall Street water analyst Neil Berlant: Price of water in US to rise up to 300% in next 2-3 years
Millions eating food grown with polluted water, says UN report
Water everywhere, and not a drop to grow
West Bank struggles for water
Can the Dead Sea be brought to life?

archived August 20, 2008

Climate & Environment - August 4

staff, Energy Bulletin

The final countdown
Stinging tentacles offer hint of oceans’ decline
The scientific case for modern anthropogenic global warming
Tories deny burying release of climate-change report

archived August 4, 2008

Climate & Environment - July 29

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Warming world 'drying wetlands'
Black churches urge action on global warming
Survey cruise records second-largest "Dead Zone" in Gulf of Mexico since measurements began in 1985

archived July 29, 2008