Environment - Oct 24

Staff, Energy Bulletin

UK's ancient woodland being lost 'faster than Amazon'
Migrating Alaskan pollock are creating the potential for a new dispute with Russia
Rising water in Florida's Everglades threatens wildlife

archived October 24, 2008

Waste - Oct 20

Staff, Energy Bulletin

The Big Necessity: Why I Wrote a Book About Human Waste
The Zero Life: Two weeks, a zero-waste kit, and no trash
Minimizing waste, through the lens of the lab (text amd video)
A year without shopping

archived October 20, 2008

Water - Oct 15

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Hidden wells, dirty water
Bottled water versus tap: Which is safer to drink?
Bottled water firm steamed about Miami-Dade water ads
Water: a source of Middle East peace?

archived October 15, 2008

United States - Oct 14

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Lundberg: "Drill, baby, drill" debunked as "Burn, baby, burn the blanet"
Douglas has made some progress on Vermont energy initiative
Bottled water firm steamed about Miami-Dade water ads

archived October 14, 2008

Renewables - Oct 12

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Learning to live with solar panels
Indian tribes see profit in harnessing the wind for power
Biofuels and a dwindling water supply

archived October 12, 2008

Water & plastics - Oct 8

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Plastics ingredient linked to smaller penises
Interview: "Bottlemania"
Water treatment firms help industry close the water loop
Measuring your water footprint

archived October 8, 2008

Water - Oct 3

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Ebb without Flow: Water May Be the New Oil in a Thirsty Global Economy
Water debate: The propostion "Water, as a scarce resource, should be priced according to its market value"
The Harsh Economics of the Global Water Crisis

archived October 3, 2008

Water - Sept 30

Staff, Energy Bulletin

California took on energy crisis, now it faces water crisis
FLOW: The Film that Will Change the Way You Think About Water
The New Corporate Threat to Our Water Supplies
Bottled Water at Issue in Great Lakes

archived September 30, 2008

Solutions & sustainability - Sept 30

Staff, Energy Bulletin

The Transition Movie: time to pick up your digital camera and co-create something wonderful
Can you ski and be green?
Gray water: A do-it-yourselfer installs a rerouting system

archived September 30, 2008

Water - Sept 25

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Ban near on diverting water from Great Lakes
Peter Gleick: Deal with the water crisis now
Running dry

archived September 25, 2008