UK & Europe - Jan 2

Staff, Energy Bulletin

UK: We're wasting too much water
Green revolution stalls on cheap oil
Farming pesticide ban 'too far too fast'

archived January 2, 2009

Energy industry - Dec 23

Staff, Energy Bulletin

State concerned about waste water from new gas wells
Amazon pollution case could cost Chevron billions
How the West’s Energy Boom Could Threaten Drinking Water for 1 in 12 Americans

archived December 23, 2008

United States - Dec 15

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Bad Times Draw Bigger Crowds to Churches
Recession prompts some couples to delay having kids
The Delta debate in California: Resurrecting the canal
Drought parches much of the U.S., may get worse

archived December 15, 2008

Water & environment - Dec 9

Staff, Energy Bulletin

China’s Water and Soil Too Far Gone to Support a Growing Economy?
In China’s Mining Region, Villagers Stand Up To Pollution
Sewers to Sinks
Greenwash: Are Coke's green claims the real thing?

archived December 9, 2008

Water - Nov 26

Staff, Energy Bulletin

One-third of China's Yellow river 'unfit for drinking or agriculture'
Water in the Middle East: Plugging the supply gap
Experts call for end of flushing toilets on World Toilet Day

archived November 26, 2008

Climate & environment - Nov 13

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Obama will act quickly on climate change: adviser
Japan CO2 hits record
Under a Sooty Exterior, A Green China Emerges
Temperature set to rise by 6C, energy agency warns
Does Natural-Gas Drilling Endanger Water Supplies?

archived November 13, 2008

Climate & environment - Nov 7

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Carbon-Capturing Rock
Is water the new oil?
Why small plastic particles may pose a big problem in the oceans
Swiss Guardian of our Climate video)

archived November 7, 2008

Food & agriculture - Nov 4

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Heinberg: The Food and Farming Transition
A bounty sprouts in the city with MyFarm enterprise
Green prisons farm, recycle to save energy, money
Food Insecurity's Dirty Secret
Victoria: Call for action as state food security at risk

archived November 4, 2008

Dysfunction - Nov 1

Staff, Energy Bulletin

The hidden water costs of our industrial economy
World faces a natural resources crisis worse than financial crunch
Wanted: a climate bailout
The great green swindle

archived November 1, 2008

Climate & environment - Oct 28

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Australia's Stern review warns of runaway global warming
Climate change 'making seas more salty'
Big decline in depth of Arctic winter sea ice
Author of "Climate Code Red" - No more business as usual: This is an emergency!

archived October 28, 2008