Washing Dishes at EntropyPawsed

Bonnie Gifford, EntropyPawsed

At EntropyPawsed, we have a hand pump well. This reminds us at least daily of our water usage. This daily reminder encouraged us to develop our current system of dish washing in which we use about one gallon of water to wash the dishes.

archived February 25, 2009

Off-grid systems 2.0 – water

Thomas Christiansen, Energy Bulletin

How viable is it to be 'off-grid’ with water? There are low-tech solutions which are a throwback to the way many of our great-grandparents must have lived. But consider instead Singapore's “Four Taps” water strategy to decrease reliance on water imports.

archived February 26, 2009

Water & environment - Feb 20

Staff, Energy Bulletin

CERA and WEF: Water Resources a Growing Challenge for Energy
Los Angeles nears water rationing
A World Without Water
Australian householders to be charged for each flush of toilet

archived February 20, 2009

China - Feb 19

Staff, Energy Bulletin

China's growing appetite for U.S.-style meat production
Less is more approach to fertiliser could boost farmers
Parched China to slash water consumption by 60%

archived February 19, 2009

Food & agriculture - Feb 13

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Our culture of wasting food will one day leave us hungry
Catastrophic Fall in 2009 Global Food Production
The Geopolitics of Food Scarcity

archived February 13, 2009

Solutions & sustainability - Feb 11

Staff, Energy Bulletin

How to Get Your Home Off the Water "Grid"
EntropyPawsed Water Use
"When Technology Fails" (book review)

archived February 11, 2009

Water & climate - Feb 8

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Peter Gleick on peak water
Tweet. Meet. Give (for water's sake)
Ice collapse 'could raise sea levels 20 feet'
Oceans are the new atmosphere
China declares an emergency amid worst drought in 50 years

archived February 8, 2009

ODAC Newsletter - Feb 6

Staff, Oil Depletion Analysis Centre

A weekly review from a UK perspective.

archived February 6, 2009

Water & environment - Jan 23

Staff, Energy Bulletin

When will the water run out?
Old-Growth Forests Dying Off in U.S. West
Ecologists warn the planet is running short of water

archived January 23, 2009

Water - Jan 11

Staff, Energy Bulletin

A sea of troubles (The Economist)
LA water cops hunt wasteful faucets, sprinklers
Flow: Who owns the world’s water?

archived January 11, 2009