Water & environment - 30 Mar

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Senate Testimony on the Energy Water Nexus
Drought Turns Water Into a Cash Crop
Water meters in every home 'will prevent shortages'

archived March 30, 2009

EntropyPawsed Perspective on Health & Dis-ease

Bonnie Gifford, MD, EntropyPawsed

Most Americans are dis-connected from everything essential for survival. We have lost meaningful connections with the sources of our water, food, shelter, clothing, with our fellow humans in community, with those we love, with The Mystery of Life. No wonder we feel dis-eased!

archived March 25, 2009

Water & environment - Mar 24

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Coping in a World of "Peak Water"
Lack of water still kills
Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Becomes Water War's Front Line

archived March 24, 2009

United Kingdom - Mar 23

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Britain set to become most populous country in EU
Food and energy shortages will create 'perfect storm', says Prof John Beddington
Government borrowing 'to swell'

archived March 23, 2009

ODAC Newsletter - 20 Mar

Staff, Oil Depletion Analysis Centre

A weekly review from a UK perspective.

archived March 20, 2009

Common myths of the population debate

Michael Lardelli, On Line Opinion

In any debate there are particular key arguments that are used to undermine the opponent. A debate as heated as that over the importance, or not, of population growth is sure to feature these. It should be clear to readers of my essay published last week that I regard population growth as the core issue in any discussion on sustainability. Many of the arguments used by those who wish to dismiss or lessen the importance of population growth are false, misleading or simply mental tricks allowing their advocates the comfort of self-deception.

archived March 17, 2009

Water - March 14

Staff, Energy Bulletin

UN warns of widespread water shortages
Climate change accelerates water hunt in U.S. West
Have we reached peak water?
Congress to examine link between energy & water

archived March 14, 2009

Peak oil and supplies - March 12

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Argonne National Laboratory report: Water issues associated with heavy oil production
Shell exec on coal, NCOs and peak oil
A risk Big Oil companies can afford to share
WSJ: A new peak for oil, and curbing nuclear exuberance

archived March 12, 2009

Energy Down the Drain

Debbie Cook, The Oil Drum

The next worst idea to turning tar sands into synthetic crude is turning ocean water into municipal drinking water. Sounds great until you zoom in on the environmental costs and energetic consequences. It may be technically feasible, but in the end it is unsustainable and will be just one more stranded asset.

archived March 3, 2009

Climate & water - Feb 28

Staff, Energy Bulletin

How to survive the coming century
Polar research reveals new evidence of global environmental change
Adapting to water woes
Las Vegas running out of water means dimming Los Angeles lights

archived February 28, 2009