Water & environment - June 3

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Overcoming the stigma of ‘toilet-to-tap’ water
The World Water Crisis: High Cost, Low Priority
Is the Water Supply for 8 Million People in New York City at Risk?

archived June 3, 2009

Environment & climate - May 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Healing Mother Earth: E.O. Wilson talk
Glaciers go, leaving drought, conflict and tension in Andes
The flawed logic of the cap-and-trade debate
From ‘alarmed’ to ‘dismissive’: the six ways Americans view global warming

archived May 21, 2009

Manejo de agua en el descenso energético - “lo pequeño no solo es hermoso, sino la solución”

Holger Hieronimi, tierramor.org

Las noticias acerca del desabasto de agua en la Ciudad de México, nos vuelven a recordar una vez más una emergencia en puerta, la cual se está manifestando no solo en la capital, sino en todo el país (especialmente en el norte y centro). La crisis del agua puede ser interpretada como una de las múltiples consecuencias de los dos “fenómenos gemelos” de la actualidad, que se llaman cambio climático y descenso energético.

archived May 8, 2009

Review: 'Tar Sands' by Andrew Nikiforuk

Frank Kaminski, Seattle Peak Oil Awareness (SPOA)

If you’ve been following energy news with a discerning eye, then you already know better than to buy into all the hype about the Canadian tar sands...Far from being a panacea for declining supplies of conventional oil, the sands could...leave Alberta resembling “a third-rate golf course in the Sudan”...The quote comes from Andrew Nikiforuk’s new book Tar Sands, a powerful, eloquent litany of horrors associated with North America’s frenzied dash toward tar sands bitumen.

archived May 5, 2009

Food & health - April 27

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Contagion on a small planet (swine flu)
Australian food bowl on brink of $5bn catastrophe
Living off a dollar menu - you'll pay for it in the long run

archived April 27, 2009

Water - April 25

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Fast-growing Alberta town manages its water as if it were liquid gold
What % of water that goes down the drain is actually lost forever?
Recession slowing water investment to a drip
Palestinian water crisis deepens

archived April 25, 2009

Little steps - April 20

Staff, Energy Bulletin

How hard is it to live plastic-free?
Bartering is a modern trade
Third-World stove soot is target in climate fight
California wants to pull plug on energy-guzzling TVs
The Ethicist: It's okay to absorb neighbor's heat

archived April 20, 2009

Climate & water - April 17

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Top scientists to gather at "350 Climate Conference" at Columbia U. May 2 (registration open)
Trees may dry up with global warming
Retreat of Andean glaciers foretells global water woes
Dry taps in Mexico City: a water crisis gets worse

archived April 17, 2009

Water - April 11

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Water crisis rocks LA, Mexico City; who's next?
Peru faces water versus oil dilemma
Industrial farms could leave eastern Wash. with dry wells

archived April 11, 2009

Water & environment - Apr 1

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Blue Gold: Have the Next Resource Wars Begun?
India is stealing water of life, says Pakistan
Wet America faces growing demand from Dry America

archived April 1, 2009