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Movement - June 20

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Santa Cruz group gears up for life after cheap oil (Transition)
From crisis comes hope (can a weary Left come up with new ideas?)
Newfoundland/Labrador premier captures the flag from the oil patch
Greenpeace hands out fake copies of International Herald Tribune
Blowing the green whistle on sports

archived June 20, 2009

Waxman-Markey is not nearly good enough

Bill Henderson, Energy Bulletin

China and the developing world are watching the US to see if it is serious about combating climate change. Waxman-Markey, the bill and the legislative process, sends a clear signal: not very.

archived June 18, 2009

IDA study on Peak Oil debate (August 2008) (review)

Rick Munroe, Armed Forces Journal Forum

The study’s executive summary ends with these two sentences: “We conclude from these reviews that the most alarmist of the peak-oil claims are likely false. Still, we see some convincing reasons to think that global oil production could peak within 20 years, with demand outstripping production indefinitely.”

archived June 19, 2009

The cultural problem that stops us from reaching 'the most ambitious agreement ever negotiated' in Copenhagen?

Christine Milne, Australian Green Party

It is not a lack of climate science that holds back action. It is how we respond to the challenge that the science poses, and that is deeply cultural. It is the values that we bring to bear, what we think is good for us, our religious underpinnings, our view of power and opportunity, of what is possible in the world and Australia's place in it. (Speech to National Press Club)

archived June 19, 2009

BRIC countries summit - June 18

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Brazil, Russia, India and China form bloc to challenge US dominance
BRIC countries seek more clout at summit
News Analysis: BRIC makes formal debut with first summit meeting

archived June 18, 2009

Maintaining Our Prosperity

Lionel Orford, Lionel Orford

Australia’s new Energy White Paper will be crucial in dealing prudently and effectively with the immense challenges facing Australia as the era of cheap energy and the economic system based upon it comes to an end. We are now in the early stages of an unprecedented economic failure - the terminal decline and probable collapse of global Capitalism.

archived June 15, 2009

Climate & environment - June 17

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Making the Case for Climate as a Migration Driver
Climate change's challenge to India
Big Ag Goes Green
The Story of the Trillion Tons of Carbon
Reindeer & Caribou Populations Plunge

archived June 17, 2009

Housing & urban design - June 16

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Dynamic Design, Dynamic Cities
White Rooftops May Help Slow Warming
US cities may have to be bulldozed in order to survive
Suburban dream lives on in Australia

archived June 16, 2009

Transport - June 16

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Too Stupid To Survive
How Canada fell from leader to laggard in high-speed rail... and why that needs to change
This Woman Is Redefining Public Transportation

archived June 16, 2009

Home: a film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Marcin Gerwin, Energy Bulletin

Magnificent! From belugas in the Arctic to skyscrapers in Dubai. From glaciers in Himalayas to devastated Easter Island. The images of the Earth captured from above are breathtaking.

archived June 13, 2009