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Food & agriculture - July 22

Staff, Energy Bulletin

We Gotta Eat 'em to Save 'em
On tiny plots, a new generation of farmers emerges
Vandana Shiva and the Earth Democracy (audio)

archived July 22, 2009

Food Crisis and the G8 - July 20

Staff, Energy Bulletin

G8 Summit: Feed the Hungry or Fuel Hunger?
G8 Calls for Decisive Action to End Hunger, Recognizes Role of CAADP and AGRA at L'Aquila Summit
U.S. working group on the food crisis statement on the G8 in L’aquila, Italy

archived July 20, 2009

Commentary: Interview with Marshall Adkins

Steve Andrews, ASPO-USA

Marshall Adkins is the Houston-based Managing Director of Energy Research for Raymond James & Associates, a full-service investment firm. ASPO-USA’s Steve Andrews caught up with him last week to follow up on his pivotal May 4, 2009 “Energy Stat of the Week”--Peak Oil in the Rearview Mirror: Why We Think Global Oil Production Peaked Over a Year Ago.”

archived July 20, 2009

Peak Oil Review - July 20

Tom Whipple, ASPO-USA

A weekly roundup of peak oil news, including:
-Demand, production, and prices
-South Asia
-China's Growth

archived July 20, 2009

Peak oil, prices, and supplies - July 20

Staff, Energy Bulletin

API: US petroleum product demand plunges in first half
A Preliminary Investigation of Energy Return on Energy Investment for Global Oil and Gas Production
Exxon, the Chase for Reserves, and the Oil Sands

archived July 20, 2009

HOME documentary - Earth's unsustainable energy and environmental situation - with critical review

Greg Jalbert and Jan Lundberg , Culture Change

The film HOME by Yann Arthus-Bertrand is a beautifully shot panorama of the Earth and the damage done to it by modern humanity. It includes a moving narration about the evolution of the Earth, nature, agriculture, humans, and the crises of habitat destruction, energy depletion, climate disruption, degradation...of the environment, health, economic disparity, and more. They are well integrated in the film, but many assumptions in the script make this film hard to recommend unless accompanied by a reality check on energy and the value of traditional ways.

archived July 20, 2009

Economics - July 17

Staff, Energy Bulletin

IKEA is as bad as Wal-Mart
When will the recovery begin? Never
Goldman Sachs and The Great Unbalancing

archived July 17, 2009

A Transition Take on the UK Low Carbon Transition Plan

Rob Hopkins, Transition Culture

After many months of Ed Milliband putting himself out there as a Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change that actually gets climate change, finally his big Plan, the UK Low Carbon Transition Plan was unveiled on Wednesday, in a speech in the House of Commons that namechecked Transition Towns and which is the boldest national vision for a low carbon society yet seen. Many others have since pitched in with their thoughts, I thought it might be useful here to offer an analysis from a Transition perspective.

archived July 17, 2009

UK Government carbon transition plan - July 16

Staff, Energy Bulletin

UK announces long-term carbon reduction strategy
Climate change: Green dreams
Energy bill rises to tackle climate change are tiny

archived July 16, 2009

Exxon: Late, But Always the Bride

Steve LeVine, The Oil and the Glory

Quite apart from the long-shot chance that the venture could actually succeed, Exxon benefits from being able to brandish an environmental pin on its lapel, and its association with an authentic biofuels rock star. As Deutsche Bank's Paul Sankey told me in an email, "I think it's part R&D, part PR." Venter himself needed the cash injection, and could earn $300 million from Exxon if he meets certain unspecified project milestones probably associated with the economics of the algae.

archived July 15, 2009