Condensates & NG liquids

The coming liquid fuels crisis: the natural gas (partial) solution

Martin Payne, Peak Opportunities

Recently, Dr. Robert Hirsch wrote an article titled "Peak oil - what do we do now?". This brief but content-laden article opined that Peak Oil was essentially past tense, and it correctly implied that little mitigation has taken place, to date...but notably missing was any mention of natural gas.

archived March 5, 2009

Peak oil and energy - Dec 6

Staff, Energy Bulletin

IEA WEO 2008 - Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) to the rescue?
IEA WEO 2008: Long term prospects for coal production
Interview of Richard Heinberg by Dr. Helen Caldicott
Aleklett on Mercedes – Chrysler and peak oil
Peak oil still relevant? More than ever.

archived December 6, 2008

US natural gas: the role of unconventional gas

Gail Tverberg, The Oil Drum

US natural gas production has been flat for a number of years. We keep hearing that US production is expected to begin declining sometime in the next few years, but it doesn't seem to happen. While it is not obvious from most published data, the reason production remains level is because unconventional gas production has been rising.

archived May 18, 2008

A Peak Oil credo

GreenMan, The Oil Drum

A succinct presentation that seems to represent the thought of many at The Oil Drum.

archived March 25, 2007

Comments to the National Petroleum Council

Randy Udall, Peak Oil Review (ASPO-USA)

A report on peak oil by the National Petroleum Council is due out in the next few months. Randy Udall wrote them: "The NPC has a wonderful opportunity to reframe the discussion around peak oil. After thoroughly studying the evidence, I hope that you conclude, as many of us have, that peak oil is

archived March 19, 2007

Peak Oil to Peak Gas is a short ride

Andrew McKillop, Energy Bulletin

While Peak Oil is grudgingly accepted, at least to the extent that 'After Oil' is a buzzword in corporate planning and political policymaking circles; Peak Gas is an almost entirely unheard of and unwelcome spectre.

archived December 12, 2006