Energy wisdom is knowing that you do not know

John Kay, Financial Times

The great Victorian economist, Stanley Jevons, published an exhaustive study of the coal industry in 1865.

archived May 30, 2007

Climate policy - Mar 27

Staff, Energy Bulletin

NZ Greens target key sectors in new policy

Super funds have fiduciary role

Putting carbon emissions in neutral

The geriatric climate change imperative

archived March 27, 2007

Oil Industry - Mar 26

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Venezuela to sell $5 Billion in oil co. bonds

Recent kidnappings of foreigners in Niger delta

China starts drilling Asia's deepest well

Total Confusion in Iran

CERA lists 15 countries it believes will expand production

archived March 26, 2007

Selective reporting does not disprove peak oil

Patrick Ford, Energy Bulletin

The New York Times article is an example of how specific data, cited as “proof” for a particular theory could in fact be evidence for the complete opposite conclusion if the entire data set was examined.

archived March 13, 2007

Peak oil on the agenda: Notes from the Australian Institute of Energy annual forum

James Ward, Energy Bulletin

ASPO-Australia member James Ward reports that peak oil is reaching acceptance amongst many of Australia's business and government elites.

archived November 13, 2006

Solutions & sustainability - Oct 21

Staff, EB

Seed balls /
UK: win a place on the Life After Oil course /
Becoming native /
David Korten on the Great Turning: from empire to earth community /
Green chimney could save the planet

archived October 21, 2006

Solutions & sustainability - July 18

Staff, EB

Our wasteful ways will finish us off / William A. McDonough talk: Designing the next industrial revolution / Welcome to "braided" time /
David Korten and Joanna Macy: the great turning - from empire to earth community

archived July 18, 2006