ODAC Newsletter - 01 May 2009

Staff, Oil Depletion Analysis Centre

A weekly review from a UK perspective

archived May 1, 2009

Deep thought - Apr 29

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Obama’s first 100 days make—and may remake—history
Cost of public works may fool us all
Shaping the post-carbon economy

archived April 29, 2009

Peak Oil Review - April 27

Tom Whipple, ASPO-USA

A weekly roundup of Peak Oil news, including:
-Production and prices
-Natural gas

archived April 27, 2009

Changing times - April 27

Staff, Energy Bulletin

A workers’ paradise found off Japan’s coast
Elizabeth Kolbert: "Earth Day has lost its edge" - we need millions in the street ... and some stinky fish
At the polls, Icelanders punish conservatives
For China's New Left, old values

archived April 27, 2009

United Kingdom - April 26

Staff, Energy Bulletin

A Government still addicted to petrol
UK police caught on tape trying to recruit protester as spy
Politicising the policing of public expression in an era of economic change

archived April 26, 2009

ODAC Newsletter - 24 Apr

Staff, Oil Depletion Analysis Centre

A weekly review from a UK perspective.

archived April 24, 2009

Food & agriculture - Apr 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

How much greenhouse gas comes from food?
Marijuana Advocates Point to Signs of Change
Just $6bn Will Save a Generation From Starvation, Says UN

archived April 21, 2009

Economics - Apr 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

On Globalization, Economics, And The History of Food Crises
All Better Now?
Retirement Dreams Disappear With 401(k)s
Real GDP and the Oil Shock of 2007-08

archived April 21, 2009

Does Rick Perry see the future?

Kurt Cobb, Resource Insights

As it becomes impractical or impossible to provide massive federal aid to states on a continuous basis, the necessity to find local solutions to a persistent crisis may become more acute. For this reason an ongoing economic slump may end up feeding continued calls for secession as well as create receptivity to genuinely useful relocalization efforts.

archived April 19, 2009

Protest - April 18

Staff, Energy Bulletin

British police arrest protesters before coal protest
How do environmentalists spot a mole?
Kettling: another special relationship
Rush builds a socialist revolution?

archived April 18, 2009