A Transition Take on the UK Low Carbon Transition Plan

Rob Hopkins, Transition Culture

After many months of Ed Milliband putting himself out there as a Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change that actually gets climate change, finally his big Plan, the UK Low Carbon Transition Plan was unveiled on Wednesday, in a speech in the House of Commons that namechecked Transition Towns and which is the boldest national vision for a low carbon society yet seen. Many others have since pitched in with their thoughts, I thought it might be useful here to offer an analysis from a Transition perspective.

archived July 17, 2009

UK Government carbon transition plan - July 16

Staff, Energy Bulletin

UK announces long-term carbon reduction strategy
Climate change: Green dreams
Energy bill rises to tackle climate change are tiny

archived July 16, 2009

Nuclear - July 14


France imports UK electricity as plants shut
Waxman/Markey; clean air or hot air?
CBI urges shift to nuclear from wind power

archived July 13, 2009

Then & now

Roger Blanchard, ASPO-USA

Recently a friend gave me a copy of a January 22, 1973 issue of Newsweek. The cover title was “The Energy Crisis”. It’s interesting to look back and see how things have changed; or, to be more accurate, not changed.

archived July 13, 2009

Nuclear power: problem or solution? - July 1

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Nuclear power is well-disguised fossil fuel
Nuclear power must be part of energy solution
UK regulator raises French nuclear concerns

archived July 1, 2009

Investing in durability

Guy R. McPherson, Nature Bats Last

If you are planning to withdraw, please tell me where you're going, and send directions. If not, it's time to start thinking about how you and your family or tribe will muddle through the years ahead. One word comes to mind: durability. If that wasn't the first word that came to your mind, I'm not surprised.

archived June 30, 2009

Renewables & efficiency - June 29

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Feed-in tariffs grow green power but may fall victim to energy politics, German-style
Germany at a more real climate crossroads
Deep in bedrock, clean energy and quake fears
Improving power in rural China

archived June 29, 2009

Media & persuasion - June 27

Staff, Energy Bulletin

All-expense-paid workshop on covering nuclear energy
Amy Goodman: Free speech vs. surveillance in the digital age
Why the press fails us and how to fix it

archived June 27, 2009

United States - May 27

Staff, Energy Bulletin

State of Paralysis
Natural Gas Politics
US steelworkers form unlikely alliance as renewables reinvigorate rustbelt

archived May 27, 2009

Commentary: The Great Divide on Energy Policy

Chris Nelder, ASPO-USA

At the 2009 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston two weeks ago, the top issues revolved around policy questions more than technology, such as drilling the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) and climate change legislation. I saw little in the way of progress, however.

archived May 18, 2009