Oil & coal - Jan 17

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Oil demand set for 2-year drop on recession, IEA says
Rigzone: Why we'll see $200 oil soon
Chávez lets West make oil bids as prices plunge
The ten most coal-reliant countries

archived January 17, 2009

United States - Jan 15

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Dems unveil $825B in spending increases, tax cuts
Advice to Obama: Yes we can, but will we?
Energy nominee Chu: Coal, nuclear an 'important part' of power mix
Shaky economy means ‘bye-bye baby’ for some

archived January 15, 2009

Peak Oil & Coal - Jan 8

Staff, Energy Bulletin

2009: Predictions for Australia
Are we approaching peak coal?
ASPO's Aleklett: The year that passed and the year ahead

archived January 8, 2009

Deep thought - Dec 29

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Sharon Astyk: The pleasures of the obsolete
The ugly truth behind the markets: Not even the experts have a clue (Homer-Dixon)
Worldwatch: 'On the verge of an energy revolution'
A road to revolution? (Greek demonstrations)

archived December 29, 2008

Energy industry - Dec 26

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Groups soliciting funds to buy BLM leases (student disrupts auction)
Coal front group sets up dirty ‘blogger brigade’
Korea oil bunker

archived December 26, 2008

Coal - Dec 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Coal poses climate catastrophe as "peak oil" approaches
Coal reserve estimates way too high, says expert
E.P.A. ruling could speed up approval of coal plants
Will 'peak oil' spur expanded coal use? And what does it mean for climate?

archived December 21, 2008

Prices & supplies - Dec 18

Staff, Energy Bulletin

World Coal Reserves Could Be a Fraction of Previous Estimates
Oil prices ready to recover after $100 fall
Nigeria: Country to Supply 25 Percent of U.S. Oil By 2015
Opec agrees deep cut in oil production

archived December 18, 2008

Energy industry - Dec 16

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Brazil: Petrobras euphoria fades with oil price
Greenwashing a tar sands sacrifice zone
UK faces energy blackouts without investment in nuclear and clean coal

archived December 16, 2008

Coal - Dec 15

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Washington DC coal protest planned in March
Rachel Maddow takes on 'clean coal' and its carolers
Coal saga burns into 2009
League of Conservation Voters' Karpinski says 'clean coal' claims by industry untrue
Michigan must pull the plug on coal

archived December 15, 2008

ODAC Newsletter - Dec 12

Staff, Oil Depletion Analysis Centre

A weekly round-up from a UK perspective

archived December 12, 2008