ODAC Newsletter - 20 Feb

Staff, Oil Depletion Analysis Centre

A weekly round-up from a UK perspective.

archived February 20, 2009

Why I’ll get arrested to stop the burning of coal

Bill McKibben, Yale Environment 360

On March 2, environmentalist Bill McKibben will join demonstrators who plan to march on a coal-fired power plant in Washington D.C. In this article for Yale Environment 360, he explains why he’s ready to go to jail to protest the continued burning of coal.

archived February 19, 2009

Coal - Feb 16

Staff, Energy Bulletin

NYT: Is America Ready to Quit Coal?
James Hansen: Coal-fired power stations are death factories. Close them
Are we approaching peak coal?

archived February 16, 2009

ODAC Newsletter - 13 Feb

Staff, Oil Depletion Analysis Centre

Weekly round up from a UK perspective.

archived February 13, 2009

Electricity - Feb 12

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Does a Big Economy Need Big Power Plants?
Small is ugly if it means we keep burning coal
Big Gav's smart grid round-up

archived February 12, 2009

United States - Feb 8

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Amish help neighbors left without electricity
Obama orders new rules to raise energy efficiency
Why shovel-ready infrastructure is wrong
Fight against Big Coal hits Kansas legislature - national repercussions

archived February 8, 2009

UK & Europe - Jan 29

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Russian oil production reaches its peak
EU spending spree brings carbon capture closer to reality
UK gets biofuels research centre
Britain's energy industry is nosediving into a dark, uncertain future

archived January 29, 2009

The Great Squeeze (review)

Kristin Sponsler, Energy Bulletin

This Great Squeeze: Surviving the Human Project is the latest film from Colorado-based Tiroir a Films. This sequel to their 2006 offering, Energy Crossroads: The Burning Need to Change Course, looks to dig deeper into how the concurrent processes of resource depletion, climate change, ecosystem destruction and our consumption-oriented economic model are threatening to destroy both our planet and possibly our very civilization. I would say in large part that it succeeds.

archived January 28, 2009

Fossil fuels - Jan 28

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Another Confirmation of Oil Depletion
Over the Cliff for Natural Gas in North America?
Coal in South Asia

archived January 28, 2009

A prince and four peaks: peak oil, gas, coal and uranium

His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, transcribed by Rembrandt Koppelaar , The Oil Drum: Europe

Today the second three-day world future energy summit began in Abu Dhabi. One of the biggest energy conference in the world that is being attended by key policy makers, financiers, leading academics and no less than 400 journalists from all over the world. The conference was opened by the Dutch Crown Prince Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange and the Netherlands...

archived January 21, 2009