US: Company mulls coal-to-diesel plant

AP, Casper Star Tribune

A company has begun studying the feasibility of a plant that would convert coal into diesel fuel.
It would be the first plant of its kind in the United States.

archived June 11, 2004

NZ Greens: Imminent Decline Of Oil And Gas

Press Release: Running On Empty NZ, Scoop

A report of a presentation on Peak Oil and Gas by co-leader of the New Zealand Greens, Jeanette Fitzsimons.

archived June 8, 2004

China's demand stokes coal prices

Jane Williams, The Courier Mail

THERMAL coal spot prices, which smashed records earlier this year, are expected to remain high as Chinese demand increases.

archived June 3, 2004

The Peak in U.S. Coal Production, LNG Import Issues Key (excerpt)

Gregson Vaux, From The Wilderness

It is probably too early to definitively say whether the Hubbert model can be used for coal production in the U.S., but the examples of British coal, U.S. arsenic, and U.S. manganese seem to indicate that a Hubbert curve may be able to predict future production trends for U.S. coal.

archived May 26, 2004

US: Western Slope coal production enters golden age

Ron Bain, The Daily Sentinel

Largely due to highly efficient longwall mining technology, Colorado has jumped to the front of the line of the nation’s fastest-growing coal-producing states, up from 11th in 1999.

archived May 15, 2004

Caught in the coal crunch

Paul J. Nyden, Sunday Gazette-Mail

US - As West Virginia coal prices are rising, especially on the spot market, coal production is dropping and mining employment has plummeted.

archived May 15, 2004

Coal supplies dwindle at U.S. power plants

STEVE JAMES, Reuters News Service

NEW YORK — Coal supplies at U.S. power plants are at their lowest levels in more than three years, sparking concern of possible blackouts this summer when demand is heavy for electricity to power air conditioners.

archived May 7, 2004

Coal May Shine Again

Ken Silverstein, UtiliPoint

US - When natural gas prices spike, coal begins to sparkle. Back in 1990, amendments to the Clean Air Act passed, and many environmentalists breathed easier. Toxic emissions would be drastically cut, and as a consequence, electric utilities began to increasingly rely on natural gas because of its low cost and emissions. Coal's foes began numbering coal's days

archived January 13, 2004

China: Hungry for Power (Part 2)

Miao Ye, Asia Times

The human price of coal.

archived January 14, 2004