Web - July 10

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Has the internet killed the joys of sitting down with a good book?
Protect the web, says Sir Tim Berners-Lee
Getting ‘wiki’ with it?

archived July 10, 2008

Community Solutions - July 10

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Greensboro urged to prepare for oil crisis
A British town's attempt to kick the oil habit
Vancouver debates zero waste

archived July 10, 2008

Solutions & Sustainability - July 10

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Stop digging (Peak Shrink interview)(audio)
The world they will inherit
Is frugal the new black?
Shelf life of prescription medications

archived July 10, 2008

Announcing a peak oil media guide

Chris Nelder, ASPO-USA

A new online document addresses the important questions that regularly come up about peak oil. We encourage those who engage with the media to distribute the guide. Input from knowledgeable experts is welcome.

archived July 7, 2008

Peak Oil Overview - June 2008

Gail E. Tverberg, Energy Bulletin / TOD

Summary of the peak oil story at June 2008. Major themes:
- The US oil story
- The world oil story
- Five myths

archived July 1, 2008

Media - June 26

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Six Degrees, but no PhD (science writing by non-scientists)
Environmental stories you can localize: climate change, food crisis, water pollution
The Internet and its discontents
Energy Kid's Page from the EIA

archived June 26, 2008

Media - June 17

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Izzy Stone, Patron Saint of Bloggers
The Ups and Downs of Giving a Peak Oil Presentation
Broadcast Legend Bill Moyers on Media Reform
Is Google Making Us Stupid?
The Associated Press, Bloggers, Boycotts, and Copyright Issues
Blogger arrests hit record high

archived June 17, 2008

Yale Environment 360 magazine launches online

Staff, Yale University

Yale Environment 360, a new online magazine dedicated to covering the global environment, is launching today at Edited by Roger Cohn, the former editor of Mother Jones and Audubon magazines, Yale Environment 360 aims to become one of the leading Web sites for commentary and reporting on the crucial environmental issues of the day.

archived June 3, 2008

ASPO-USA conference Sept 21-23 in Sacramento

ASPO staff, Energy Bulletin

ASPO-USA's fourth annual “Dialogue with the Experts,” a high-level conference to discuss impacts of and responses to a peak in world oil production.

archived June 1, 2008

Michigan peak oil conference begins today

Aaron Wissner, Energy Bulletin

The conference begins with an introduction by U.S. Congressional Peak Oil Caucus member Vern Ehlers and a keynote by Dr. David Goodstein, author of Out of Gas: The End of the Age of Oil.

archived May 30, 2008