Solutions & sustainability - Jan 9

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Sustainable studying
Wondermentalist/Matt Harvey Telling Transition Tales
Introduction to EntropyPawsed - Adventures In Sustainable Living

archived January 9, 2009

Economics - Jan 9

Staff, Energy Bulletin

When It Comes to Cash, A Thai Village Says, 'Baht, Humbug!'
Local Currencies Grow During Economic Recession
The Crisis Of '08 Reading List

archived January 9, 2009

The Transition Town Movement: Embracing Reality and Resilience

Carolyn Baker, Speaking Truth to Power

For several months I have been meaning to write a review of Rob Hopkins' The Transition Handbook: From Oil Dependency to Local Resilience, but other things got in the way-like a planetary economic meltdown and out of control climate change that exceeds some of the most dire predictions by climate scientists. I should have spoken out earlier in support of this movement, but I didn't. Now, as we commence this new year, I am.

I will begin this book "review" by telling you that I find nothing-absolutely nothing wrong with The Transition Handbook. If that then makes this article into a commercial for the book instead of a review, so be it.

archived January 4, 2009

History's arrow

John Michael Greer, The Archdruid Report

Most contemporary thought about the future relies consciously or unconsciously on the belief that history has a direction that the future will inevitably follow. Does this "historicist" outlook offer useful insights, or are those who cling to such notions of inevitability fooling themselves?

archived December 25, 2008

Information to avoid energy surprise attacks

Carl Etnier, Vermont Commons blog

I sometimes feel like a radar operator who looks out on a warm, sunny Sunday morning and sees blips that augur rapid, unwelcome changes, while most other people continue preparing for an easy day.

archived December 9, 2008

Book Review: Preparing for Peak Oil: local authorities and the energy crisis

Rob Hopkins, Transition Culture

The whole question of how to communicate peak oil to local government, and how to support and encourage their creative and rapid responses to it, is huge and very timely. Preparing for Peak Oil is an excellent guidebook for anyone who wants to bring their local authority up to speed on energy depletion and climate change issues. It is clear, well presented, and achieves an excellent balance between presenting the hard facts about peak oil alongside some positive and inspiring examples of change, as well as some clear and well thought through thinking tools.

archived November 13, 2008

Michigan hosts state-focused peak oil conference

Aaron Wissner, Energy Bulletin

Michigan's third peak oil conference of 2008 focuses on the specific challenges and solutions for Michigan and features 45 speakers including Richard Heinberg, Albert Bates, Michael Brownlee, Ellen Hodgeson Brown, Richard Gilbert, Stephanie Mills, Kurt Cobb, and Aaron Wissner. The event is schedule for the November 14 weekend.

archived November 6, 2008

A proposal for transition to a sustainable economy

Lionel Orford, Energy Bulletin

The following is proposed as a preliminary plan for discussion amongst all those who are willing to acknowledge the reality of our predicament, think beyond the paradigm of the current system, and rationally discuss the fundamental reforms required to avoid catastrophe.

archived November 5, 2008

Food & agriculture - Nov 4

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Heinberg: The Food and Farming Transition
A bounty sprouts in the city with MyFarm enterprise
Green prisons farm, recycle to save energy, money
Food Insecurity's Dirty Secret
Victoria: Call for action as state food security at risk

archived November 4, 2008

Dawn of the new energy order

Chris Davis and Andy Bochman, Discovery Channel (PowrTalk)

T. Boone Pickens has challenged the U.S. presidential candidates to come up with a detailed energy plan. This speech offers them the outline of a response to that challenge...

archived October 26, 2008