Exploring emotional reactions to peak oil

Kathy McMahon, Peak Oil Blues

I’m a psychologist, I’m not a geologist, financial expert, political analyst or economist. Yet, my world was dramatically changed when I learned about Peak Oil and began to read about all the related issues.

archived August 27, 2006

The missing repertoire

gavin, RealClimate

The IPPR report presented a textual analysis of the kinds of language ('repertoires') used in the media when discussing climate... But there is a huge missing category... [t]hat category is the straight 'It's serious (and interesting) but don't panic' repertoire.

archived August 22, 2006

Peak oil and relocalization in Ohio

Ryan Hottle, Energy Bulletin

What would you think if someone told you that we could simultaneously create strong, safe, sustainable, and vibrant communities while also solving the most urgent problems of our times?

archived August 15, 2006

The fragility of microprocessors

Alice Friedemann, Energy Bulletin

Will computer manufacturing survive during energy descent?

archived August 10, 2006

Peak Oil and the Preservation of Knowledge (full)

Alice Friedemann, Energy Bulletin

Computers are the top card in the house-of-cards complex civilization we built with coal and oil, argues Alice Friedemann. How do we leave our descendents knowledge they can use and be amazed by, information to fuel the next Renaissance?

archived January 7, 2006

Media attacked for 'climate porn'

Richard Black, BBC

"So we use a loud rumbling voice to talk about the challenge, about melting ice and drought; yet we have a mouse-like voice when we talk about 'easy, cheap and simple' solutions, making them sound as tiny as possible because we think that's what makes them acceptable to the public... In fact it makes them seem trivial in relation to the problem."

archived August 3, 2006