Book review: 'Culture Change' by Alexis Zeigler

Frank Kaminski, Seattle Peak Oil Awareness (SPOA)

With superb insight, wisdom and erudition—one is almost tempted to say omniscience—Alexis Zeigler’s Culture Change charts an ambitious course for the future of our civilization. The book calls for a revolution to bring about what Zeigler terms a “conscious culture” capable of responding intelligently to our ecological crisis. (Full book title: Culture Change: Civil Liberty, Peak Oil, and the End of Empire)

archived February 28, 2009

Agency and community resilience

Lenore Newman and Ann Dale, People and Place

For a community to thrive in a complex environment, it must strike a delicate balance between planning proactively and remaining alert to emergent, unexpected changes.

archived February 11, 2009

United States - Feb 10

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Recession sending more students to comm. colleges
Some Thoughts on the Obama Energy Agenda from the Perspective of Net Energy
Stupid Senate tricks

archived February 10, 2009

The power of community

Graham Strouts, Zone 5

Community” is often dismissed as a romantic notion, “harking back a golden age that never existed”. Traditional rural communities tended to be held together by the absence of choice: you were your mother’s daughter or your father’s son, and the range of possible futures – opportunities for travel, education, and employment- were limited.

archived February 6, 2009

A deindustrial reading list

John Michael Greer, The Archdruid Report

After fielding multiple requests for a reading list on the end of the industrial age, the Archdruid suggests ten books that might just cast a necessary light on the crisis of our time.

archived February 5, 2009

Fuel emergency part 2: IEA plan

Rick Munroe, Energy Bulletin

The issue of planning for and administering fuel emergencies is complex and multi-layered, involving a range of commercial interests, government agencies and a tangle of legislation, policies and jurisdictions, one of the largest and most influential of which is the International Energy Agency, an autonomous body within the framework of the OECD.

archived January 29, 2009

Peak oil, the web of debt, & our local future

Aaron Wissner, Local Future

A new set of high definition videos are now online: Richard Heinberg on peak oil, Thaddeus Owen on permaculture, Ellen Brown on financial collapse, Tim Husdon on the four futures, and Kim Hill on the auto industry crisis, and more.

archived February 1, 2009

Housing & urban design - Jan 30

Staff, Energy Bulletin

A City Made of Waste
Independence vs Splendid Isolation
EntropyPawsed Uses "A Pattern Language"

archived January 30, 2009

The future that wasn't

John Michael Greer, The Archdruid Report

A remarkable number of the attitudes and assumptions shaping the way today's Western societies view the future have their roots in the science fiction of an earlier era. Do the first efforts at peak oil fiction offer a way to shape the collective imagination of the era taking shape around us today?

archived January 15, 2009

Two geologists on saving the earth

Amanda Witherell, San Francisco Bay Guardian

Interview with the geologist-authors of The American West at Risk, a recently-published tome that details how ongoing environmental issues are destroying the general livability of Earth for all species, including humans. This book shouldn't just be on every wannabe Greenpeace activist's nightstand. Each of the 13 chapters explore one subject in depth -- forestry, mining, military operations, road building, to name a few -- and balances science with politics and reality to sharpen the argument for preservation of natural resources.

archived January 11, 2009