HOME documentary - Earth's unsustainable energy and environmental situation - with critical review

Greg Jalbert and Jan Lundberg , Culture Change

The film HOME by Yann Arthus-Bertrand is a beautifully shot panorama of the Earth and the damage done to it by modern humanity. It includes a moving narration about the evolution of the Earth, nature, agriculture, humans, and the crises of habitat destruction, energy depletion, climate disruption, degradation...of the environment, health, economic disparity, and more. They are well integrated in the film, but many assumptions in the script make this film hard to recommend unless accompanied by a reality check on energy and the value of traditional ways.

archived July 20, 2009

Why Science won't save us

Damien Perrotin, The View from Brittany

Last week one of the three main French trotskist group – Worker's Struggle – published an editorial denouncing "degrowth" as "reactionary". I am no fan of French style degrowth. Most of the time, it is hardly more than a revolutionary mythology repackaged as ecology and in my humble opinion, anybody telling that the best way to solve today's society's problems is to destroy it entirely is better off the farthest away possible from any real power. Yet the red hard-liners' reaction is interesting because it highlights one of the industrial world's most pervasive delusion : the faith in science as an all-powerful mean to manipulate reality.

archived July 19, 2009

Dysfunction - June 30

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Monbiot on drugs
New book: Marijuana Is Safer
Production of heroin and cocaine falling

archived June 30, 2009

Investing in durability

Guy R. McPherson, Nature Bats Last

If you are planning to withdraw, please tell me where you're going, and send directions. If not, it's time to start thinking about how you and your family or tribe will muddle through the years ahead. One word comes to mind: durability. If that wasn't the first word that came to your mind, I'm not surprised.

archived June 30, 2009

Transition - June 26

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Transition movement vs post-carbonistas
The Transition Initiative: changing the scale of change, from The Orion magazine
Transition Hohenwald: Rural Community Targets Energy Efficiency

archived June 26, 2009

Return to Babel

Damien Perrotin, The View from Brittany

Saving some of our civilization's achievements for our successors is certainly something worth fighting for. The problem is that bequeathing them a hoard of textbooks written on acid-free paper won't be of much use if they don't understand them... as it is very likely to be the case.

archived June 19, 2009

Maintaining Our Prosperity

Lionel Orford, Lionel Orford

Australia’s new Energy White Paper will be crucial in dealing prudently and effectively with the immense challenges facing Australia as the era of cheap energy and the economic system based upon it comes to an end. We are now in the early stages of an unprecedented economic failure - the terminal decline and probable collapse of global Capitalism.

archived June 15, 2009

A K-5 Curriculum for Students in the Post-Carbon Era

Sarah Rios and Jaime Campos, Nature Bats Last

Will education be important in the post-carbon era? What will need to be taught? What skills need to be acquired? We hope to provide one alternative for educating students, after the fall of empire.

archived June 2, 2009

Volunteer translation checkers wanted

Daniel Lerch, Post Carbon Institute, Energy Bulletin

The Post Carbon translation team is currently seeking fluent speakers of Italian, French, Czech, Croatian, or German to spend just an hour or two checking translations of works by Post Carbon Institute authors for accuracy.

archived June 2, 2009

A guide for the perplexed

John Michael Greer, The Archdruid Report

E.F. Schumacher's Small Is Beautiful, once required reading in the appropriate-tech movement, has lost none of its relevance in the thirty years or so since the period of its greatest popularity. Some of its core ideas may turn out to be essential in making sense of the murky economic territory on the far side of Hubbert's peak.

archived May 27, 2009