The commons of the future

Christian Siefkes , Reimagining Society Project (via ZCommunications)

In many parts of the world, common resources are still an essential basis of society. Additionally, several new communities which base their practice on the shared goal of creating and preserving a commons have emerged.

archived June 20, 2009

Food & agriculture - June 19

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Urban Farming, a Bit Closer to the Sun
A food system without fossil fuels (Michael Bomford Interview) - audio
Philly's fresh-food triumph: Nationally admired program opens supermarkets for underserved

archived June 19, 2009

United States - June 19

Staff, Energy Bulletin

California's hard times driving people back to the 'Dust Bowl'
Retailers Head for Exits in Detroit
Too Poor to Make the News

archived June 19, 2009

Depletion - June 19

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Multinationals eye up lithium reserves beneath Bolivia's salt flats
Will fertiliser scarcity harm farm economy?
Pressure over land rights to increase, conference told

archived June 19, 2009

ODAC Newsletter - June 19

Staff, Oil Depletion Analysis Centre

A weekly review from a UK perspective.

archived June 19, 2009

"Architecture 2030" plan to revive economy

Craig Severance, Energy Economy Online

Message to Washington: You're not getting it - we're still out of work. WInd farms and energy efficient public buildings are important, but what about the housing industry? The recession started with the housing industry -- and can end if we bring back construction -- so lets focus on the real problem. That's the heart of the message to Congress and the Obama administration from a group of architects and builders who are promoting a plan to end the recession by revitalizing America's

archived June 18, 2009

Solutions & sustainability - June 17

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Worldchanging Interview: Bill McKibben
Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono urge meat-free Mondays
Town sets off on healthy path practicing 4 keys to longevity
Queen turns corner of palace backyard into an allotment (text and video)
Nearly Naked Riders Protest Oil Dependency

archived June 17, 2009

Definancialisation, deglobalisation, relocalisation

Dmitry Orlov, ClubOrlov

So what are we to do in the meantime, while we wait for collapse, followed by good things? It's no use wasting your energy, running yourself ragged and ageing prematurely, so get plenty of rest, and try to live a slow and measured life... The future is unpredictable, so try to plan so as to be able to change your plans at any time... Lastly, people who lack a sense of humour are going to be in for a very hard time, and can drag down those around them. Plus, they are just not that funny. So avoid people who aren't funny, and look for those who can laugh at the world no matter what happens.

archived June 16, 2009

Transition - June 13

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Online screening of ‘In Transition’ for 72 hours
Financial crisis: high noon on the high street
Transition culture: Pushing back to a greener future
Transitioning Tampa Bay into sustainable communities

archived June 13, 2009

Food & agriculture - June 13

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Sharon Astyk: Tour my food storage
Michael Pollan, garden fresh
Greenhorns: Building A movement of young farmers
Gardens are where community problems are solved
Why our food system may suffer the same fate as our financial system
UC Davis begins $2.8 million in studies of agricultural nitrogen's impacts

archived June 13, 2009