Renewables & efficiency - Nov 4

Staff, Energy Bulletin

A Splash of Green for the Rust Belt
Green-collar army recruits for the solar boom
COM-BAT spy plane takes to the skies
New Research Suggests LED Lighting May Put A Serious Wrinkle in Big-Bucks Botox Biz
The ethics of ethanol

archived November 4, 2008

Oregon Public Health to planners: 'human health simply cannot be sustained in an unhealthy environment'

Oregon Office of Environmental Public Health, Energy Bulletin

Letter to Oregon Department of Planning and Development: "There is a dangerous disconnect between land use planning and development on one hand and population-based health on the other that can be remedied by recognizing and utilizing the specialized expertise Public Health provides. ... Biology dictates that human health simply cannot be sustained in an unhealthy environment, and the use of our land – in urban, suburban, exurban, rural and frontier settings alike – is one of the most powerful determinants of our environmental health." (Comment from a planner: "challenging comments... I've never seen anything like it before.")

archived November 2, 2008

Solutions & sustainability - Oct 31

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Follow Cuba's emissions standard
Sustenance for sustainability
Guardians of the past uncover green lessons for the present
The Most Radical Thing You Can Do

archived October 31, 2008

Spreading Manure over Astroturf: Why Ad Men Hate Brown

Kathy McMahon, Peak Oil Blues

Sharon Astyk is one of those “loony tunes” who shows her concern for the planet by depriving her children of central heat and baseball, or at least that’s how she’s portrayed in the New York Times article by writer Joanne Kaufman.
This article is part of a new media genre that takes the serious worries of almost two-thirds of Americans, and creates a special brand of pathology designed to stigmatize, pathologize, trivialize, and marginalize their concerns. In some articles, they call such activism “eco-anxiety” and seek out therapists who “treat” the “disorder.” In this article, she’s coined a new name for the ‘disease,’ calling it “carborexia,” and apparently it is a disease that is spreading.

archived October 24, 2008

Dawn of the new energy order

Chris Davis and Andy Bochman, Discovery Channel (PowrTalk)

T. Boone Pickens has challenged the U.S. presidential candidates to come up with a detailed energy plan. This speech offers them the outline of a response to that challenge...

archived October 26, 2008

Food & agriculture - Oct 24

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Michael Pollan Interview
The Local Grain Revolution II (audio)
Soil health 'threatens farming' (text & audio)
Chinese Farms A Growing Challenge

archived October 24, 2008

Protecting our families and future in a time of crisis

Carolyn Baker, Speaking Truth to Power

Carolyn Baker reviews Sharon Astyk's Depletion And Abundance
"When I realized that everything was going to change, I was at first afraid. Because I thought, if my government or public policy or other choices weren't going to fix everything, what could I possibly do? What hope was there, if I had to take care of myself, if my community had to take care of itself?"

archived October 16, 2008

Dysfunction - Oct 16

Steve Andrews, Energy Bulletin

Mexico City: Bad air for growing brains and minds
Code green, stat! (environmental sins of hospitals)
Why journalists stay silent

archived October 15, 2008

Water - Oct 15

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Hidden wells, dirty water
Bottled water versus tap: Which is safer to drink?
Bottled water firm steamed about Miami-Dade water ads
Water: a source of Middle East peace?

archived October 15, 2008

Cool Cuisine: Taking the Bite Out of Global Warming

Laura Stec and Eugene Cordero, Ph.D., Global Warming Diet

Is global warming really the 'best thing that has happened to the culinary world in a long time' as chef Laura Stec suggests? The discovery that our food choices can reduce global warming as effectively as buying a new fuel-efficient vehicle inspires new strategies towards creating a more sustainable world. What we eat does have an impact on our planet and you can eat better tasting, higher-vibe food and find solutions for the global warming diet through Cool Cuisine: Taking the Bite Out of Global Warming. (Excerpts)

archived October 14, 2008