Economics - Apr 2

Staff, Energy Bulletin

G20 leaders get OECD warning that global trade is in freefall
A Stimulus for Working Fewer Hours
Chavez promotes `petro-currency' over dollar

archived April 2, 2009

Public health and the episteme of growth

Dan Bednarz, Health after Oil

Academic public health is ensconced in an institutional matrix of growth. It owes much of its existence to the socioeconomic expansion petroleum facilitated during the 20th century. ... The best option I see for academic public health is to reorganize itself around the question: “If growth and economic development as they have been understood are no longer possible, then what kind of public health system is sustainable?”

archived March 28, 2009

EntropyPawsed Perspective on Health & Dis-ease

Bonnie Gifford, MD, EntropyPawsed

Most Americans are dis-connected from everything essential for survival. We have lost meaningful connections with the sources of our water, food, shelter, clothing, with our fellow humans in community, with those we love, with The Mystery of Life. No wonder we feel dis-eased!

archived March 25, 2009

Solutions & sustainability - March 22

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Innovating for a low-carbon age
Minimalist living in Silicon Valley
Jason Bradford: Household and community food security
Maggots as good as gel in leg ulcer treatments
Reuse stores make use of refuse

archived March 22, 2009

Happiness & dysfunction - March 22

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Are we happier in the West?
U! S! A! We're Number .... 15?
Experts agree giant, razor-clawed bioengineered crabs pose no threat
U.N. raises “low” population projection for 2050

archived March 22, 2009

Economics - March 22

Staff, Energy Bulletin

U.N. panel says world should ditch dollar
Too big to fail? Think again
The economy is a real killer (health and recession)
Keynes, capitalism, and the crisis (John Bellamy Foster interview)
China’s big recycling market is sagging

archived March 22, 2009

Peak oil & supplies - March 22

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Russia to cut oil exports, raise domestic consumption - Sechin
Saudi warns of 'catastrophic' energy crunch
Mass. conference on health care and peak oil (April 14)

archived March 22, 2009


Frank Gifford, EntropyPawsed

Sprouting is a great way to produce some of your own food. If you have access to some clean jars, lids with screens, clean water, and appropriate seeds, you can raise your own sprouts.

archived March 19, 2009

Eating Locally - March Soup

Bonnie Gifford, EntropyPawsed

Our preferred food source is our own land. We know what goes into, and what comes out of, our little garden plot, and we know how it is handled, processed and stored. We now how to locate and identify wild edible plants – greens, mushrooms, nuts, berries and other fruit.

archived March 11, 2009

The economic crisis impacts on public health

Dan Bednarz, PhD, Energy Bulletin

Today I report on a study with public health officials from across the nation... The questions are not about peak oil per se; that topic would make for a short interview, indeed. I’m inquiring about the current fiscal and economic crisis... (transcript of talk for the “After Peak Oil” Conference, Johns-Hopkins University, March 12)

archived March 11, 2009