Housing & urban design - Aug 15

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Could rising gas prices kill the suburbs? / Sick cities: fast life, slow death / It's getting easier to be green (building green in NYC) /
I think that I shall never see
A greenhouse gas reduction strategy as lovely as a tree

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Transport - Aug 15

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Australia: Petrol, polls and politicians / Two-wheeled remedy for urban headaches / American vehicles are piling on the pounds

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Food, heatlh & agriculture - Aug 15

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Overweight 'top world's hungry' / Living ourselves to death / Eat, memory: family heirloom (Masumoto in NYT) / Meat eaters without the guilt / Texas 2006 ag losses worst single-year total ever / Rice prices may double by 2008

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The challenges of healthcare relocalisation

Dr Jim Barson, Peak Oil Medicine

The relocalisation of healthcare is going to be a huge challenge. In the early 1900s local hospitals were dotted all over the map, each at the centre of a circle the radius of which was the length of a hurried trip by horse drawn transport.

archived August 3, 2006

Cuba: the accidental revolution

Ray Burley, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

The Nature of Things with David Suzuki celebrates Cuba's success in providing for itself in the face of a massive economic crisis, and how its latest revolutions, an agricultural revolution and a revolution in science and medicine are having repercussions around the world.
Part 1: 7pm July 30 CBC
Part 2: 7pm August 6

archived July 30, 2006

Eight ways that modern medicine is oil dependent

Paul Roth, Energy Bulletin

of our
modern medical system is oil-dependent, just like the rest of
society. Oil has been so cheap for so long that it has become a
pervasive presence in health care delivery.

archived July 26, 2006

Healing Crisis

Steven Lagavulin, Deconsumption / Energy Bulletin

The world is quickly ramping-up toward a full awareness of the various fundamental crises affecting our way of life. How can we move beyond disillusionment and anxiety to embrace the life-changes that are being demanded of us?

archived July 26, 2006

Lomborg, Climate Change and Energy Descent.

Rob Hopkins, Transition Culture

Bjorn Lomborg is Environmentalist Baiter Supreme, the one guy with some letters after his name who is wheeled out in the media to represent the scientific face of climate denial.

archived July 7, 2006

Public health and the precautionary principle: the case of peak oil

Dan Bednarz, Ph.D., Energy Bulletin

I wish to briefly discuss and integrate:
1. The Precautionary Principle (PP) in public health
2. Peak oil as a multi-faceted public health threat
3. Why public health has not paid appropriate attention to peak oil. (Seminar at The Ohio State University School of Public Health)

archived May 1, 2006

Public health in a post-petroleum world

G. Daniel Bednarz, PhD, Energy Bulletin

A reasoned introduction to the oil peak and consequent scenarios, not overly specialised or technical. Presented at the annual meeting of the American Public Health Association,
Philadelphia, Dec 14, 2005.

archived January 26, 2006