Solutions & sustainability - Jan 22

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Where to go if you want to live to be 100
Newsweek: 7 ways to save the world

Could smart urban design keep people fit and trim?

archived January 22, 2007

Mud Pies and Dunce Caps: Part 1 – Health

Richard Embleton, Energy Bulletin

We are experiencing an epidemic rise in childhood diseases. What are the implications for their survival as we slide past peak oil and go into permanent energy decline?

archived January 22, 2007

The ethical challenges of healthcare and peak oil

Paul Roth, Energy Bulletin

It is particularly likely that ethical dilemmas will arise during the redesign of the healthcare system as a response to peak oil. This is because there will be a conflict between what is best for society as a whole, versus what is best for the individual.

archived January 21, 2007

Solutions & sustainability - Jan 17

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'Ethical pharmaceuticals' could change world politics?

What's the key to bright green cities?
Yes! Building a just, sustainable compassionate world
New quest in British politics: public happiness

Father of energy efficiency to get Fermi Award

archived January 17, 2007

Dysfunction - Jan 17

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Spin the (water) bottle

UAE beats Americans' environmental harm

Clean air or TV: Where will Asia find more energy?
'Spaceship Earth' sculpture collapses

Overwork costly to environment

archived January 17, 2007

Solutions & sustainability - Jan 15

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100-mile diet: local food strategies
Never too old to save the earth
Local living economies
"Who am I?" in a post-petroleum world

archived January 15, 2007

Peak oil - Jan 7

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Oil: fast-vanishing drug the world can't live without
An almost friendly update on world oil
Scientific American and the silent lie
Bartlett to introduce PO and energy bills to Congress
Of leeches & midwives?

archived January 7, 2007

Predicting global health trends: why peak oil matters

Dan Bednarz, Ph.D. and Paul Roth, M.D., Energy Bulletin

We need to know how vulnerable our current medical systems are to oil scarcity and what we can do to reduce that vulnerability... To achieve those aims, we need a “Hirsch Report” for both public health and acute (hospital) care.

archived January 6, 2007

Peak oil and healthcare

Dan Bednarz, Ph.D., The Healthcare Blog

America’s healthcare predicament will be resolved in the context of the worldwide energy emergency known as “peak oil.” The era of cheap, abundant fossil fuels is entering its twilight and medicine - virtually cut-off from this awareness - is exposed to the consequences.

archived January 2, 2007

Solutions & sustainability - Dec 27

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Book review: Peak Oil Prep

Paul Hawken: What's next
3,000 people get by without buying new things
Being green can make you happy: new study

Slow food's growing pains

archived December 27, 2006