Food & agriculture - Feb 22

Staff, EB

Bon appetit - and now we're growing our own

The Senate slaps sustainable ag (ATTRA)
Just keep farming until the money runs out

Oz crop production worst in 20 years
Farmland the new hot property

archived February 22, 2007

Dysfunction - Feb 22

Staff, EB

Children's TV 'is linked to cancer, autism, dementia'
Scientific evidence: TV rots brain, ruins body
Malaysia to confine foreign workers
Endangered languages encode plant and animal knowledge

archived February 22, 2007

Food & agriculture - Feb 20

Staff, EB

Radical ruling proposed on UK food advertising
Humans' beef with livestock: a warmer planet
Transportation, food security & local economies

Australian crop production worst in 20 years
How a cookbook renaissance heated up the sustainable-food movement

archived February 20, 2007

Food & agriculture - Feb 19

Staff, EB

Sugar rush: consumption jumped from 4 to 90 pounds a year during industrialization
Iraq: Now it is lack of food security
Development gobbling up California farmland
The real cost of bottled water

archived February 19, 2007

Energy: healthcare's preconditional crisis

Dan Bednarz, Ph.D., J. Mac Crawford, RN, Ph.D., Black Sun Journal

Modern healthcare is dependent upon enormous inputs of energy and an array of petroleum-derived products. Nevertheless, there is silence and inaction regarding the threats posed by the end of the fossil fuel era,

archived February 17, 2007

Food & agriculture - Feb 7

Staff, EB

Vegetarian is the new Prius

Dale Alan Pfeiffer on eating fossil fuels
Deconstructing dinner: Farming in the city
Cloned food items won't come with warnings

archived February 7, 2007

Transport - Feb 6

Staff, Energy Bulletin

For Teenagers, the Car Is the Danger Zone

Subdivisions in remote areas increase cost county services

China expands ship-rail transport

Why Don't You Walk More?

archived February 6, 2007

Climate science - Feb 5

Staff, EB

You're getting warmer (review of IPCC)
A disaster epic (in slo-mo)
Phaeton’s reins: The human hand in climate change
Global-warming report gets U.S. emphasis
Global warming poses health threats

archived February 5, 2007

Food & agriculture - Jan 28

Staff, EB

UK Soil Assn: Preparing for a post-peak oil food and farming future (Podcasts)
Soil Assn considers sanctions on air freight
Michael Pollard essay: "Unhappy Meals"

archived January 28, 2007

Food & agriculture - Jan 26

Staff, EB

O, pioneers in Pasadena (urban homesteading)
Heinberg predicts a local food renaissance
BBC: Eat like an ape, get healthy
British supermarkets going green

Deconstructing dinner: thought for food
Food or fuel in future?

archived January 26, 2007