Water & environment - Apr 30

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Officials in Three States Pin Water Woes on Gas Drilling
Oregon's water issues run deep
Water Controversies Boil Over in California

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Swine flu causes? - April 30

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Understanding swine flu
Symptom: swine flu. Diagnosis: industrial agriculture?
We're all in this together
Crisis lays bare the meat industry's monstrous power
The monster at our door

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Swine flu - April 30

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WHO raises pandemic alert to second-highest level
Mexican toddler in U.S. dies from swine flu
Reporting the Story
Boss Hog: The power of pork

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Just in case

Brian Kaller, Restoring Mayberry

Officials or the media may or may not be overreacting. New diseases crop up all the time, and most are not serious. ... This might become very serious, or not, but the risk of death to any of us is statistically low – except in the long run.

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Don't panic - April 28

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Sharon Astyk: The New Swine Flu Review
Kunstler: The Joker
Emergency Room parable of global warming
Stockpiling for perilous times

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Food & health - April 27

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Contagion on a small planet (swine flu)
Australian food bowl on brink of $5bn catastrophe
Living off a dollar menu - you'll pay for it in the long run

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Deep thought - April 26

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Jason Bradford: Revisiting relocalization
What are friends for? A longer life
Limits to growth model worth another look
Japan honours 'Limits to Growth' science author
Earth to aliens: let's talk

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Suffer the little children - April 11

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Commodifying kids: the forgotten crisis
Research links poor kids' stress, brain impairment
Pollution link with birth weight

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Food & agriculture - Apr 10

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Meet the veg doctor
Human Impacts on Ecosystems
Household Dry Food Cooking
Food Industry Pursues the Strategy of Big Tobacco
Will New Food Safety Bills Really Outlaw Backyard Gardening and End Farmers' Markets?

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A conversation with Gail-The-Actuary

Dan Bednarz , Health after Oil

“The idea of scaling back is a real difficulty for these growth-based medical institutions… and how do you deal with a bigger and bigger uninsured population? How do you provide preventive care [and] some level of basic care” in a post-peak oil world? These are, in my view, the kinds of questions reformers should be asking."

archived April 6, 2009