Housing & urban - Apr 23

Staff, EB

Where we live may be to blame for obesity
Corporate subsidies that feed sprawl

New book: How Green is Your City?

archived April 23, 2007

Climate - Apr 19

Staff, EB

Climate could trigger 'boom and bust' population cycles, lead to extinction
Global warming may put U.S. in hot water
Smog, heat waves may contribute to big rise in illness

archived April 19, 2007

Water - Apr 5

Staff, EB

Global forecast is 'mostly dry'
An arid West no longer waits for rain
Drugs are in the water. Does it matter?

archived April 5, 2007

Peak oil, public health, and vulnerable populations

Lesa Dixon-Gray, Peak Oil Review (ASPO-USA)

The awareness of a future decline in world oil production needs to be incorporated at the local level in public health systems planning. Here in Oregon, Portland’s Peak Oil Task Force is the first in the nation to identify likely impacts from Peak Oil.

archived April 2, 2007

Next IPCC climate report due Friday: outlook not good

Staff, April 1

Poor nations to bear brunt as world warms
Climate report maps out ‘Highway to extinction’
GW could bring hunger, melt Himalayas
Global warming puts 60 nations at risk
Australia faces extreme weather rise
Health woes worldwide

archived April 1, 2007

Climate - April 1

Staff, EB

UK's CO2 emissions reach 10-year high

Understanding and evaluating carbon offsets
Global warming may be bad for asthma sufferers

archived April 1, 2007

The Challenge of Affluence

Staff, EB

An Oxford scholar has published a definitive work on why we're not happier, even with rising levels of wealth.

archived March 23, 2007

Food & agriculture - March 15

Staff, EB

Linking regional farmers and buyers in Idaho
An experiment in back yard sustainability
Big Food's lie about feeding the world
Malaysia: Fast food sector bows to ministry’s ad demands

archived March 15, 2007

Thinking climate change - Mar 9

Staff, EB

How to think differently about climate
Kim Stanley Robinson: The anti-Crichton

Sports Illustrated covers climate change
Epidemiologist: A cost of climate change that can't be counted in dollars - survival

archived March 9, 2007

Linking Land Use Planning and the Food Environment

Lisa Feldstein, Smart Growth Online

An emerging issue in the smart growth field is the link between a healthy food environment and good land use planning.

archived January 10, 2007