A depopulation explosion?

John Michael Greer, The Archdruid Report

Predictions of mass dieoff have been one of the staples of peak oil narratives since the concept first surfaced. A look at the likely outcome of today's mismatch between population and resources suggests a more nuanced view.

archived June 12, 2007

900 miles per gallon

JC Earle, Energy Bulletin

What if I told you I had invented a vehicle that ran on organic vegetables, got the equivalent of over 900 miles per gallon, was completely carbon neutral, and produced no toxic by products.

archived June 4, 2007

Where does your food come from?

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Do you know where your fish is from?
Has big business turned organics into 'yuppy chow'?
British film-makers ask: what is the hidden cost of your £2 latte?
From a Chinese oil refinery to your Twinkie

archived May 30, 2007

China dysfunction - May 22

Staff, EB

Birth control measures prompt riots in China

Beijing blames pollutants for rise in killer cancers

Three Gorges Dam is hurting river, study finds

archived May 22, 2007

Dysfunction - May 16

Staff, EB

Polymers are forever
Frenetic lifestyle puts the boots to leisurely strolls

archived May 16, 2007

Transport - May 11

Staff, EB

Monbiot: Air traffic out of control
Flights reach record levels despite warnings over climate change
Frenetic lifestyle puts the boots to leisurely strolls

archived May 11, 2007

Urban design - May 8

Staff, EB

No-walking blues (in suburban sprawl)
Cycling good in Cascadia, Europe's better

Spain balks at corrupt urbanization

archived May 8, 2007

Food & agriculture - May 7

Staff, EB

Questioning the compost supply chain
100-mile diet: 'Food mile' foibles.
As the climate warms, gentler plants move in
Please Lord, not the bees
Astyk: No more scrod
Could the mysterious agricultural techniques of an ancient Amazonian civilization make New Zealand farming more competitive?

archived May 7, 2007

Transport - May 7

Staff, EB

Binge-flying culture
Qantas sale: flying blind into turbulent times
A two-wheeled option (with battery) for commuters

Taking our time off - slower vacations

Your car + your commute = A visit to your doctor

archived May 7, 2007

Climate - Apr 27

Staff, EB

Industry caught in carbon ‘smokescreen’ (investigation of carbon credits)
'08 hopefuls tout climate-change plans
Climate change bites (health blowback)

Wolfowitz deputy under fire over climate

Swedes would lower living standard to help climate

archived April 27, 2007