Funemployment and econocide: responses to meltdown:

Staff, Energy Bulletin

For the 'funemployed,' unemployment is welcome
A race to keep up with the tightwads
Tales of Tent City
Econocide: body count 3
Economic downturn brings stress

archived June 6, 2009

How resilient is healthcare?

Dan Bednarz, PhD, HealthafterOil

As with the financial sector and the automobile industry, healthcare will be humbled by the ongoing fiscal/economic crisis, which has hidden ecological roots and far-reaching social and political implications.

archived June 1, 2009

Health & population - May 22

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Strong opinions about obesity
David Attenborough: Our planet is overcrowded
Recession 'entertainment' may beget new baby boom

archived May 22, 2009

Climate - May 16

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Dealing with climate risks: adaptation
Global warming may exceed infections as health threat
Climate change biggest threat to health, doctors say
Bill McKibben: Can save the world?

archived May 16, 2009

Food & agriculture - May 14

Staff, Energy Bulletin

The ‘Process’ of Rebuilding a Local Food Economy
Michael Pollan Dishes out Advice on Healthful Eating
How should we eat to ensure a sustainable future?
There is No Box: Big Ideas About Urban Agriculture and Local Food Systems

archived May 14, 2009

U.S. public health community begins discussing peak oil

Rob Content, Community Solutions

Today’s health care services rely on infrastructure and practices that depend upon petroleum. That recognition offers public health professionals a significant chance to help prepare the nation for a post-peak oil world. (Report on conference at Johns Hopkins University, with support from the Centers for Disease Control - CDC.)

archived May 12, 2009

Pace yourself

Brandon Marshall, Energy Bulletin

I am terrible at predicting the future. More importantly, I am terrible at living there.

archived May 6, 2009

Geopolitics - May 5

Staff, Energy Bulletin

After six years, one month and 11 days, Britain ends its military mission in Iraq
The rise and rise of Russian nationalism
The Geopolitics of Pandemics

archived May 5, 2009

Health - May 3

Staff, Energy Bulletin

The ethics of environmentally responsible health care
The Oil Drum ponders H1N1 CLZ5 NGZ2 (swine flu)
Global health expert Laurie Garrett discusses swine flu
Why can't we concentrate?

archived May 3, 2009

Food & agriculture - May 3

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Report: "Evaluating the Performance of Genetically Engineered Crops" (Union of Concerned Scientists)
Biochar good news, bad news
Brazil slave labor complaints rise (sugarcane ethanol)
Egypt orders slaughter of all pigs over swine flu

archived May 3, 2009