Energy literacy

Deep thought - July 13

Staff, Energy Bulletin

A problem of security
Energy Bill Ignores Resource Depletion
Interview with Carolyn Baker about her book Sacred Demise
Peak oil means peak food as well

archived July 13, 2009

Canada is leaking emergy

Kurt Cobb, Resource Insights

That's not a typo in the title. Emergy is a term coined by famed energy and ecology researcher Howard Odum. An analysis underpinned by the emergy concept explains why importers of Canada's natural resources such as crude oil, natural gas, unfinished wood, grains and metal ores are getting a bargain as much of Canada's emergy endowment is given away for free.

archived July 12, 2009

Peak oil, prices, and supplies - July 10

Staff, Energy Bulletin

U.S. Considers Curbs on Speculative Trading of Oil
From mobile phones to oil
Video: Why the oil price will rise

archived July 10, 2009

Climate action & inaction - July 8

Staff, Energy Bulletin

New Climate Strategy: Track the World's Wealthiest
Gore: Deal on Emissions from Land Useage Change Critical
Gavin Schmidt: a climatologist trying to give out the right signals amid the noise
India Says Developed Nations Are Responsible for Climate Change
How the US Is Blocking Progress on Climate Change

archived July 8, 2009

United States - July 8

Staff, Energy Bulletin

In Mother Russia, She's 1st Lady of Gardening
Why Jimmy Carter's Malaise Speech Is More Relevant than Ever
The Film Big Coal Does Not Want You to See

archived July 8, 2009

Economics - July 7

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Russia, India Question Dollar Reliance Before Summit
"Free" vs. Peak Oil
The Elusive Green Economy

archived July 7, 2009

Nuclear power: problem or solution? - July 1

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Nuclear power is well-disguised fossil fuel
Nuclear power must be part of energy solution
UK regulator raises French nuclear concerns

archived July 1, 2009

On the rise ... again

Carl Etnier, Barre Montpelier (Vermont) Times Argus

Oil prices are inching upwards again. Just as last year, some people are starting to tell fairy tales instead of facing the reality of limited oil supplies.

archived July 1, 2009

Solutions & sustainability

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Permaculture Future?: Part I
San Francisco to Toughen a Strict Recycling Law
New numbers prove smart growth reduces CO2, cost-effectively

archived June 30, 2009

Prices & supplies - June 29

Staff, Energy Bulletin

The Coming Mystery Of The Missing Barrels Of Oil
Oil: What price can America afford?
European gas war looms as Ukraine seeks cash to pay Gazprom for July deliveries

archived June 29, 2009