Food & agriculture - June 5

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Phosphorus Famine: The Threat to Our Food Supply
Revealed: The Bid to Corner World's Bluefin Tuna Market
Bob Shaw: Have you hugged your bag of NPK and S today?
Community Kitchens
Fighting for the right to grow food in L.A.
Frugal foods

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Cycle Wild wants you to get back to nature... by bike

Daniel Liu, Bike Portland

“A rideshed is basically the distance you can ride on a loaded bike on a summer day. It’s approximately 80-90 miles, but our range is greatly extended by the MAX [light rail in Portland]"

archived June 4, 2009

A guide for the perplexed, bothered, bewildered and outright resentful folks hitched to a wanna-be farmer

Sharon Astyk, Casaubon's Book

Now I realize that some of you will look at any advice of mine on this subject with skepticism - after all, you may even blame me (quite correctly, perhaps), for your loved one’s going bonkers and talking about sheep and nut trees all the time. And yet, I do feel your pain. Or rather, my husband does, and he’s happy to tell me all about what it is like to look over at the person you love and wonder why on earth she’s babbling about soil.

archived June 4, 2009

Look on the Bright Side

Richard Heinberg,

Recently I’ve begun compiling a list of things to be cheerful about. Here are some items that should bring a smile to any environmentalist’s lips:

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UK & Europe - June 4

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Allotment demand leads to 40-year waiting lists
Looking at Europe’s Green Ways
Energy policy of the Greens

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A petro prayer

Peter Barjonas, Energy Bulletin

3 Praise Be to GOD for 3-D seismic X-ray vision of the greasy flanks of Ghawar the Great, permitting freer access to her hidden treasures;
4 For horizontal drill bores and accessory attachments with which to better probe her deepest recesses, liposuctioning her jet fuels that carry us to concrete-reinforced Middle Eastern vacation colonies;

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Water & environment - June 3

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Overcoming the stigma of ‘toilet-to-tap’ water
The World Water Crisis: High Cost, Low Priority
Is the Water Supply for 8 Million People in New York City at Risk?

archived June 3, 2009

A K-5 Curriculum for Students in the Post-Carbon Era

Sarah Rios and Jaime Campos, Nature Bats Last

Will education be important in the post-carbon era? What will need to be taught? What skills need to be acquired? We hope to provide one alternative for educating students, after the fall of empire.

archived June 2, 2009

Solutions & sustainability - June 2

Staff, Energy Bulletin

When caring is kept in the family
How retiring has made me more resourceful
Complementary Currencies Are Ushering In a Vibrant Local Economy
What’s Wrong with a 30-Hour Work Week?

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Media & persuasion - June 1

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Peak oil sf novel by R.C. Wilson
Post peak oil rock: Antioquia
Review: Stuffed!

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