Natural gas

Managing America's Natural Gas "Crisis"

Natural Resources Defense Council, NRDC

Sharp increases in short-term natural gas prices have prompted some to call for more drilling on public lands and fewer environmental safeguards on gas exploration and use. This January 2004 NRDC analysis confirms emphatically what U.S. Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham has already acknowledged: the fastest, cheapest and cleanest forms of relief from these increases come from more efficient use of natural gas.

archived January 14, 2004

US: Demand outpaces gas production

Monica Perin, Houston Business Journal

The natural gas industry faces a year of conflicting extremes in 2004.

archived January 18, 2004

Unity needed for Kiwi continuity

Neil Ritchie, New Zealand, Energy Review

NEW ZEALAND - As this country continues hurtling towards the serious gas supply shortages predicted for 2005-06, commentators are hoping and praying for a less fractious and fragmented year than 2003.

archived January 13, 2004

Coal May Shine Again

Ken Silverstein, UtiliPoint

US - When natural gas prices spike, coal begins to sparkle. Back in 1990, amendments to the Clean Air Act passed, and many environmentalists breathed easier. Toxic emissions would be drastically cut, and as a consequence, electric utilities began to increasingly rely on natural gas because of its low cost and emissions. Coal's foes began numbering coal's days

archived January 13, 2004

Lehman Sees US Gas Supply Down 3% In 2003, Down 1% In 2004

Spencer Jakab, Dow Jones

NEW YORK -U.S. natural gas supply declined last year and should continue to do so in 2004, but at a slower pace, according to a report by Lehman Brothers.

archived January 19, 2004

The Mother Of All Oil Shocks Is Looming

Yves Cochet, Le Monde

In a few years, the global production of conventional oil will fall, while the global demand continues to rise. The resulting shock of this structural oil famine is inevitable, so great are the dependency of our economies on cheap oil and. related to the first, our inability to wean ourselves from this dependency in a short period of time.

archived March 30, 2004

Russian oil and gas sector growth may stop in 2007

RBC, RosBusinessConsulting

According to LUKoil Vice President Leonid Fedun, by 2007 the Russian oil and gas sector will stop rising.

archived January 12, 2004

Natural Gas Updates - A Dark And Cold Future

Dale Allen Pfeiffer, From The Wilderness

Evidence of a looming North American Natural Gas crisis.

archived January 18, 2004

Russia: Top secret oil

Alexander Sutyagin, translated by Anna O, Pravda online, English ed.

British Petroleum states that Russian oil reserves equal to 60 billion barrels.

Such relatively modest amount leads us to believe that a new Russian law consummated in February 2004 was no coincidence. According to the new law, any information concerning oil reserves in the country is in fact State secret.

archived April 28, 2004

World Oil Crisis Looms

Janes Foriegn Report staffer, Janes Defence Weekly

Geologists and analysts have been saying for some time that estimates of global oil reserves may be dangerously exaggerated. The oil industry has been gripped by scandal since Royal Dutch/Shell twice this year downgraded its proven oil reserves by 20 per cent, or nearly 4bn barrels. Shell may not be alone. Other companies and even governments have hyped up the estimates of how much oil they have, which is a vital factor in measuring their economic health.... About four-fifths of the world's known oil reserves lie in politically unstable or contested regions.

archived April 20, 2004