Tar sands

American energy sources - May 22

Staff, EB

Canada's tar sands: America's energy security blanket
Ottawa denies possible buyout of Mackenzie Valley pipeline
Trinidad and Tobago plans for oil revenues: Clean water, clean hands

archived May 22, 2007

Tar sands - May 11

Staff, EB

85-year-old grandmother takes on Syncrude
The censored website
Choke point for oil sands may be water shortage

archived May 11, 2007

Tar sands - March 17

Staff, EB

Report: Oil sands costs up 55 percent

Oil versus tar: Here's where it gets sticky

Fort MacMurray oil

archived March 17, 2007

The Shell Answer Man and peak oil (parts 1 and 2)

Byron King, Whiskey & Gunpowder

I honestly admire and commend Shell CEO John D. Hofmeister for going around to discuss the energy predicament of the U.S. and the world. But what is with the Peak Oil denial by Shell?

archived February 25, 2007

Fossil fuels - Feb 20

Staff, EB

CERA: High rig costs, tight labor markets to support gas prices
Cambodia: The world's newest petrol-state
Increasing oil sands production
Coal plant in Subic Bay opposed

archived February 20, 2007

Tar sands - Feb 12

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Oil industry finds hot rock resource

Canadian Oil Industry Fears Possible Tax Increase, Enviro Controls

WorleyParsons' Canadian Play

archived February 12, 2007

Oil sands - Feb 9

Staff, EB

Oil sands pumping problems: report

Mixing oil and water - Alberta oil sands
Oil patch girds for battle with Ottawa

archived February 9, 2007

Energy sources - Jan 23

Staff, EB

Oil sands projects steam ahead in Alberta, despite Harper
Rogers: oil will rise to $100 after `correction'
Coal combustion: nuclear resource or danger
Chernobyl churches
Hungarian gas field could turn country into gas exporter

archived January 23, 2007

Oil sands - Jan 21

Staff, EB

U.S. urges 'fivefold expansion' in Alberta oilsands production
Close energy ties to U.S. limit action on climate change
Du sable dans l’engrenage - good Canadian broadcast (French)
Nuclear power in oilsands extraction questioned

archived January 21, 2007

Energy sources - Jan 9

Staff, EB

Q & A with CEO of AES - clean coal?
The greening of the oil sands
Interview with Paul Gipe, wind pioneer

archived January 9, 2007