Tar sands

Limits to growth and the Hedberg conference

Dave Cohen, ASPO-USA / Energy Bulletin

The Hedberg meeting brought together the world's experts on the future oil supply. Unfortunately, no one from the peak oil research community was invited to attend. Representatives of government organizations, the world's oil companies, consultancies and independent geologists shared their proprietary data to assess what our oil future is, and thereby examine the peak oil question. ...The good news about the Hedberg conference results is the recognition of limits to growth in future oil production, a recognition that is absent in EIA forecasts.

archived October 3, 2007

United States - Oct 3

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Change in oil dollar denomination unlikely - oil companies
Air Force energy initiatives focus on fuel
DOW chairman: Strength needs energy
3-vol report on strategic unconventional fuels
Whatever happened to sharing the pie of prosperity?

archived October 3, 2007

Energy industry - Oct 2

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Recasting Big Oil's battered image
Tough new rule may stop wells flaring in BC

Review: Stupid to the Last Drop (Alberta tar sands)

archived October 2, 2007

Tar sands, oil shale - Sept 17

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Experts debate oil shale's future

Water for oil shale could complicate things
How Canada went from 21st to 2nd in world's oil reserves
Tar sands: the oil junkie's last fix

Alberta: The Saudi-Arabia of the North?

archived September 17, 2007

Tar sands - Aug 25

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Tar sands: The oil junkie's last fix
Factoring sustainability into Alberta's tar sands project

archived August 25, 2007

Peak oil news - Aug 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Hurricane Dean to make landfall in Mexico today: Cantarell now in Dean's sights
Hurricane's impact on oil infrastructure
Open letter to Duncan Clarke (PO skeptic)
High oil prices and the new dirty energy
Peak Oil Digest from Cornwall

archived August 21, 2007

Is this a false alarm?

Gail E. Tverberg, Energy Bulletin

Rebuttal to many of the common arguments against peak oil. Includes: why this is not like 1970s, impact of higher prices, improved technology, Canadian oil sands, oil shale, Jack 2 field, Acrtic National Wild Life Reserve, and other questions.

archived August 1, 2007

Canada - July 11

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Canada flexes muscles in scramble for Arctic
Canada's oil boom has legs, IEA says
Energy news round-up
U.S. looks to Canada for more oil
LNG pipeline approved for Quebec

archived July 11, 2007

Tar sands - July 8

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Oil sands no quick fix as Big Oil leaves Venezuela

Black gold's tarnish seen in Canada

Global warming threatens alternative-oil projects

Its Time For Albertans To Draw A Line In The (Tar) Sand

archived July 8, 2007

California strikes back - June 6

Staff, Energy Bulletin

California standards could crimp Alberta tar sands boom
Pelosi scuttles Dems plan that would have blocked greenhouse limits
California leads energy efficiency
Calif. sees sprawl as warming culprit
Inland Empire 25-year growth targeted

archived June 6, 2007