Tar sands

Oil industry - Dec 2

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Fire shuts key Canada-U.S. pipeline
Big Gav on shale oil
Massive Canadian oilfield could be exploited using new system (THAI)

archived December 2, 2007

Outlook for fuel reserves

M. K. Hubbert, The Hubbert Tribute

Long and detailed analysis of the complete fossil fuel cycle by Dr. M. K. Hubbert (1976). Full text available as a PDF. Previously unavailable.

archived November 28, 2007

Energy industries - Nov 17

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Quest for dialogue drove Shell Oil tour

Oil sands forecast cut as costs increase 50%
Coal demand expected to rise through 2030

archived November 17, 2007

Climate - Nov 3

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Nordic nations sound alarm over melting Arctic
Australian researchers report on health effects of climate change
Tar sands growth makes meeting Kyoto targets less likely

archived November 3, 2007

Energy industries - Oct 30

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Dark side of a boom town (Alberta tar sands)
The iconic and ironic rural electric co-op

Opposition takes on coal plants
Rise in heavy oil refining could boost demand for hydrogen

archived October 30, 2007

Canada - Oct 26

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Brave B.C. talks true carbon tax

Second inconvenient truth: greenhouse gases must be taxed
Alberta royalty grab stuns oil industry

Is Alberta out of step with the world? (no)
Rabaska: une étude démolit l'argument écologique (problems of energy substitution in a free market)

archived October 26, 2007

Tar sands and coal - Oct 18

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Higher Alberta levies threaten oil sands pipeline plans
Tar sands and the American automobile
US Coal plant plans scrapped, delayed

archived October 18, 2007

Energy industries - Oct 12

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Energy industry 'in a limbo phase'
Vietnam's coal-fueled boom
Oil sands as a saviour? Check the numbers

New book bashes the oilsands

archived October 12, 2007

United States - Oct 5

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Forget your silver bullet (unconventional fuels)

Lawmakers to Pentagon: Plan for climate change
Big Coal tries to recruit military to kindle a market
Air Force pursuing CTL fuel plant

archived October 5, 2007

Energy industry - Oct 5

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Rising costs, shortages curb rush to cash in on oil boom
Engineer shortage hampers oil, gas production
Big Oil not kidding about pulling out of Alberta
Doomsday: Alberta stands accused

archived October 5, 2007