Tar sands

Peak oil science curriculum

Gail E. Tverberg, The Oil Drum / Energy Bulletin

A peak oil science curriculum suitable for introductory college science classes, advanced high school classes, and adult seminars. (Parts 1 and 2 combined).

archived February 24, 2008

U.S. and Canada - Feb 20

Staff, Energy Bulletin

US urged to fight fuel demand with cost
Oil sands 'most destructive project on earth'
Alberta premier Ed Stelmach strikes back
Absence of climate issue in primaries
Population growth and depleting resources…
U.S. work force moves to green-collar jobs
Roubini: Economy risks the mother of all meltdowns

archived February 20, 2008

Canada - Feb 6

Staff, Energy Bulletin

When oil crisis hits, Canada fantasyland will become nightmare
Take the muzzles off scientists
Oil sands are shifting in Alberta
Canada needs Strategic Petroleum Reserves

archived February 6, 2008

Oil producers - Feb 5

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Russian economy succumbs to the oil curse
'Huge' gas field found off Iran
A frail economy raises pressure on Iran’s rulers
Canada's shifting sands
Geotimes on
oil around the world

archived February 5, 2008

Canada and U.S. - Jan 30

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Heavy footprint weighs down U.S. empire
Why Cape Breton shakes in the echo of this distant boom (tarsands)
The energy efficiency option

archived January 30, 2008

Shell executive on peak oil, oil prospects

Piet De Wit, Shell Venster

Excerpts from a long interview with Shell's Jeroen van der Veer.

archived January 27, 2008

Peak oil - Jan 24

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Candid piece on PO from Bloomberg: "Prius designer says industry must lose oil addiction"
Energy: Centre of power is on the move
The universal mining nachine
Oil pimping: Kunstler interview

archived January 24, 2008

Energy industry - Jan 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Prospecting for gas and oil in Lake Geneva

Panel: state of the energy industry
Oilsands producers get failing grade on environment
Coal industry plugs into the campaign
The coal truth on candidates

archived January 21, 2008

What's new at the tar sands?

Dave Cohen, ASPO-USA / Energy Bulletin

It behooves us to keep track of what's going on at the tar sands in so far as the "official" story now states that well-being of the world's most voracious oil consumer depends on steadily rising synthetic crude output. A close look reveals that all is not well along the Athabasca River.

archived January 2, 2008

Why are Canadians the world's energy pigs?

Peter McKenzie-Brown, Language Matters

Canada is rich, big and cold, and we share two borders with the United States. Those factors explain why we are the world’s energy pigs, but they do not justify it.

archived December 18, 2007