Tar sands

Will Canada be Our Salvation?

Roger Blanchard, ASPO-USA

There have been occasional claims from U.S. media sources that oil from Canada, specifically oil from the Athabasca oil sands region, can be the salvation for US oil woes in the future, assuming drilling everywhere in the US doesn't do the trick. An example of such optimism was exemplified in a 60 Minutes segment about a year ago which gave the impression that the Athabascan region could supply much of the future U.S. oil needs.

archived December 23, 2008

Dysfunction - Dec 22

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Katrina's Hidden Race War
Computing Power About To Peak?
The Needle and the Damage Done
The Versace beach will be refrigerated

archived December 22, 2008

Fatih Birol interview on Youtube for the film "PetroApocalypse Now?"

Andrew Evans, Aceditor Ltd

Fatih Birol talks the talk on peak oil - In this 40 minute exclusive interview for my film "PetroApocalypse Now?" I interviewed Fatih Birol, Chief Economist of the IEA about reserves, the USGS, technology, demand and recession, solutions and peak oil. (Also, a mini-review of the film)

archived December 22, 2008

Energy industry - Dec 16

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Brazil: Petrobras euphoria fades with oil price
Greenwashing a tar sands sacrifice zone
UK faces energy blackouts without investment in nuclear and clean coal

archived December 16, 2008

ODAC Newsletter - Dec 12

Staff, Oil Depletion Analysis Centre

A weekly round-up from a UK perspective

archived December 12, 2008

Energy policy - Nov 26

Staff, Energy Bulletin

CBC finds secret advice to politicians: oilsands emissions hard to scrub
Global oil price collapse
World on cusp of clean tech revolution: Merrill Lynch
Financial crisis? That's nothing
The IEA WEO 2008: Will coal usage be phased out?
Calls to pump up China's oil stockpile

archived November 26, 2008

Energy industry - Nov 22

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Arab News: Energy industry headed for a bigger crisis
Green groups ramp up attacks on oil sands
Greenwash: BP and the myth of a world 'Beyond Petroleum'

archived November 22, 2008

The squeeze is on

Peter McKenzie-Brown, Language Matters

“I’d rather you didn’t mention the company by name. In fact, better not mention my name, either, because the story is a disaster. We don’t want (the information) out yet.”

From an officer in a small oilsands company – call him Don Fischer, – that comment sums things up for many juniors. Fischer argues, however, that the recent meltdown in global financial markets is only the killer blow in a credit squeeze within Canada’s petroleum sector that has been developing for three years.

archived November 20, 2008

Energy industry - Oct 26

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Oil sands projects slashed as credit crisis hits Alberta
The carbonate question
Some regret locking in price for oil
Big Oil's last stand

archived October 26, 2008

Dirty Fuels - Oct 22

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Speak Now Against Bush's Great Coal Giveaway
Government report criticizes U.S. plans for carbon dioxide burial
Excerpt: 'Tar Sands'

archived October 22, 2008