Tar sands

Pacific Energy to move oilsands crude to U.S in newly acquired pipelines

James Stevenson, Canada.com

California-based Pacific Energy Partners L.P. plans to transform its two newly purchased regional pipeline systems in Alberta into a mainline to ship growing quantities of oilsands crude to refineries throughout the western United States.

archived July 2, 2004

Asian outlets beckon oil sands producers

Gary Park, Petroleum News

The robust economies of Japan, Korea and China could open new doors for Canada’s heavy and synthetic crude, according to the Alberta Energy Research Institute.

archived July 2, 2004

Syncrude to tame natural gas costs in production

Gordon Jaremko, The Edmonton Journal

After reining in construction costs, Syncrude Canada vowed Monday to take control of another runaway expense -- natural gas.

archived June 21, 2004

Canada: Investigating phantom barrels in the oil sands


Western Oil Sands Inc. chopped 15 million barrels from the estimated reserves for its part of the Athabasca Oil Sands Project, while its partner Shell Canada Ltd. made no change at all. It all comes down to reporting, and those exempt from NI 51-101 have the advantage

archived May 30, 2004

Gas demand to soar for Canada's oil sands - report

Reuters, Forbes

Natural gas volumes needed to help the oil industry unlock Canada's vast oil sands are expected to nearly triple in the next decade, just as production is waning and prices are surging, the country's energy regulator said Thursday.

archived May 26, 2004

Canadian oilsands production expected to more than double by 2015


Northern Alberta's oilsands are expected to more than double production to 2.2 million barrels per day by 2015 and boost Canada's standing as a major oil producer, but it will likely do little to meet the world's growing energy demands.

archived May 26, 2004

Suncor's Net Falls 38%; Company to Stop Oil Hedging

Ian McKinnon, Bloomberg

Suncor Energy Inc., the second- largest oil-sands miner in the world, said first-quarter net income fell 38 percent after the company paid more royalties to the Alberta government. The company also said it will stop hedging oil-production.

archived April 28, 2004