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Transport - Nov 23

Staff, Energy Bulletin

California officials unveil plans to turn San Francisco into electric car capital
Blueprint of railways development in China
A better way forward for bicyclists (making motorists liable)
Kunstler: Water transit

archived November 23, 2008

The China Syndrome bites back

Julian Darley, Post Carbon Institute

29 years after the movie "The China Syndrome," America has triggered a global financial meltdown, from which China thought for a while that it might be immune. Not so. What did not happen in the film, is happening to the real-life economy of China. Factories are closing at astonishing rates, including in the Pearl River Delta - "the factory floor of the world," and whole areas of business, such as scrap metal, are contracting or collapsing.

archived November 18, 2008

Climate & environment - Nov 16

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Insecticide! (An ecological disaster that will affect us all)
Brown clouds of pollution a huge threat to Asia: UN
Climate change may carry huge price tag for California
The greenhouse gas That nobody knew

archived November 16, 2008

Hard times - Nov 15

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Retail sales drop by most on record
Krugman: Depression economics returns
Is the mall dead?
Buying binge slams to halt
As factories close, Chinese workers suffer

archived November 15, 2008

The crumbling of China's export market

David Dubyne, Language Matters

The parallels between China’s precarious social and economic future based solely on exports and our own societies entirely dependent on fossil fuel as a driver for growth are striking. China now needs to focus on what’s beyond expanding its economy through exports and manufacturing, while all of us need to focus on what’s beyond growth in a crude oil based economy. Peak oil is occurring now; the economic repercussions are a symptom.

archived November 13, 2008

Media & persuasion - Nov 11

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Under Obama, web would be the way
China and the world discuss the environment (bi-lingual site)
America the illiterate

archived November 11, 2008

Biofuels - Nov 5

Staff, Energy Bulletin

VeraSun Energy files for bankruptcy ('worst economic crisis in the history of the ethanol industry')
Scientist discovers fungus that could fuel a car ('questions assumptions about how fossil fuels are made')
Tibet: Water, sun and dung

archived November 5, 2008

Peak oil - Nov 4

Staff, Energy Bulletin

UK industry taskforce sounds alarm on peak oil
Supply worries persist in oil market, just not now
So *this* is what Peak Oil looks like
China’s Oil Reserve Forecast and Analysis Based on Peak Oil Models

archived November 4, 2008

Prices & supplies - Nov 2

Staff, Energy Bulletin

How U.S. policy made oil go up. Then down
Chevron project offers glimpse of future: more work, less oil
Exxon's production falls as profits soar
Russia, China sign landmark oil pipeline deal

archived November 2, 2008

Russia & China - Oct 29

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Putin suggests Russia, China ditch dollar in trade deals
Russia's oil boom: Miracle or mirage?
China sets price for cooperation on climate change

archived October 29, 2008