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Economics - Jan 4

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Madoff caused losses equal to loses from all conventional thieves in America for nearly 3 years
Chinese workers leaving cities in droves
Australian co-operative movement weathers economic storm

archived January 4, 2009

With twig and dung

Rahul Goswami, Energy Bulletin

From the hills of the Deccan Plateau in western India's state of Maharashtra, the world of export fuels is unimaginable. In these hill villages firewood is still the primary fuel. In the hour before the sun goes down over the hills and the temperature drops, women bearing head loads of bundles of light branches head back to their simple homes. What these families have in common with many hundreds of thousands of households in rural India is their continued reliance on wood as fuel, whether for cooking or, as in these windswept hills, for keeping warm.

archived January 3, 2009

Transport - Jan 1

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Sail Transport Network hauls food across the sea
Airlines 'shrinking by all measures' - report
Jatropha-fuelled plane touches down after successful test flight
Japan auto sales plunge as young lose interest
Ditching car OK with Net transit planners

archived January 1, 2009

Economics - Dec 26

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Japan should scrap U.S. debt; dollar may plummet, Mikuni says
How to keep on financing wind farms when banks have no money left
Byron King: Falling prices and scarce energy

archived December 26, 2008

Energy industry - Dec 26

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Groups soliciting funds to buy BLM leases (student disrupts auction)
Coal front group sets up dirty ‘blogger brigade’
Korea oil bunker

archived December 26, 2008

Consumerism and its critics - Dec24

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Opting out of China's rat race
We don’t find happiness at the mall
Your brain on shopping

archived December 24, 2008

Food & agriculture - Dec 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Cuba's local growers
Restoring the pee-h balance
From cubicle nerd to cucumber vendor
Fertilizer prices could be bottoming

archived December 21, 2008

United States - Dec 19

Staff, Energy Bulletin

John Holdren as science adviser - Obama's strongest message on climate yet
China says lending to US will not go on forever
Abandoned horses are on the rise

archived December 19, 2008

Water & environment - Dec 9

Staff, Energy Bulletin

China’s Water and Soil Too Far Gone to Support a Growing Economy?
In China’s Mining Region, Villagers Stand Up To Pollution
Sewers to Sinks
Greenwash: Are Coke's green claims the real thing?

archived December 9, 2008

Food & agriculture - Nov 23

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Food crisis leading to an unsustainable land grab
Soil erosion threatens land of 100m Chinese
Fields of grain and losses
We're all farmers now
Finding a solution to soil's carbon problem

archived November 23, 2008