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Climate - March 12

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Amazon rainforest could shrink by 85% due to climate change
Dramatic new sea level figures
Land use and density affect fires in Indonesia
Best and brightest minds underestimated how quickly we’re scorching the atmosphere

archived March 12, 2009

Surviving two billion cars: China must lead the way

Deborah Gordon and Daniel Sperling, Yale Environment 360

The number of vehicles worldwide is expected to reach two billion in the next two decades. Surprisingly, China – where the demand for cars has been skyrocketing – just may offer the best hope of creating a new, greener transportation model.

archived March 5, 2009

Coping - Feb 23

Staff, Energy Bulletin

When consumers cut back: a lesson from Japan
Say what you will, it's still about the money
One way to cope? Grow your own
Fix-It Nation: in tough times, tailors and cobblers thrive
Amish home and garden show

archived February 23, 2009

Economics & consequences - Feb 23

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Zbigniew Brzezinski warns of class warfare and riots
Huge protest over Irish economy
Latvia’s government falls on economic toll
In parched Argentina, worries over economy grow
Britain faces summer of rage - police
Jobless, restless China: 20 million and growing

archived February 23, 2009

China - Feb 19

Staff, Energy Bulletin

China's growing appetite for U.S.-style meat production
Less is more approach to fertiliser could boost farmers
Parched China to slash water consumption by 60%

archived February 19, 2009

Water & climate - Feb 8

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Peter Gleick on peak water
Tweet. Meet. Give (for water's sake)
Ice collapse 'could raise sea levels 20 feet'
Oceans are the new atmosphere
China declares an emergency amid worst drought in 50 years

archived February 8, 2009

China - Feb 6

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Drought threatens Chinese wheat crop
Darley: China Enters A New And 'Interesting' Phase
China to Construct 8 Strategic Oil Reserve Bases

archived February 6, 2009

Economics & consequences - Jan 26

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Downturn accelerates as it circles the globe
College-educated Chinese feel job pinch
Bad times spur a flight to jobs viewed as safe
Iceland commerce minister quits

archived January 26, 2009

Deep thought - Jan 24

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Freedom and the price of oil
Disease in the land of plenty
Vaclav Smil's book: the worst is yet to be
Dr. Lin Jiabin on sustainability in China - an alternative to consumerism?
Autonomist essays: there’s an energy crisis (among others) in the air

archived January 24, 2009

2009 Japan prize honors lead author of ‘"The Limits to Growth"

Staff, Chelsea Green and Science & Technology Foundation of Japan

Dr. Dennis Meadows, lead scientist and co-author of The Limits to Growth (1972) and its subsequent updates, is the winner of this year’s Japan Prize from the Science and Technology Foundation of Japan for “Transformation towards a sustainable society in harmony with nature.” This prestigious award is given once a year to people from all parts of the world whose original and outstanding achievements in science and technology are recognized as having advanced the frontiers of knowledge and served the cause of peace and prosperity for humankind.

archived January 21, 2009