IEA report to the G8 - May 26

Staff, Energy Bulletin

The impact of the financial and economic crisis on global energy investment
IEA’s dire warning on green stimulus and renewables
Global electricity use forecast to fall

archived May 26, 2009

Energy solutions & glitches - May 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

The gospel of green (Hermannn Scheer)
Jeremy Revkin: 'Distributed power' to save Earth
Love affair with gadgets squeezing power supply
'Alarming' use of energy, materials in newer manufacturing processes
How to save energy: plug in a new gadget

archived May 21, 2009

Renewables & efficiency - May 14

Staff, Energy Bulletin

The Wind does NOT Blow "Only 1/3 of the Time"
Yes, we can solve the energy crisis
The Value of Wind – why more renewable energy means lower electricity bills

archived May 14, 2009

Transport - May 13

Staff, Energy Bulletin

More Cyclists Means Fewer Accidents, Says Report
Car-Free in America?
Building a Low Cost EV in 1 Week

archived May 13, 2009

Transport - May 11

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Bioelectricity better than biofuels for transport
U.S. Drops Research Into Fuel Cells for Cars
Flush with Camaro orders, GM workers on OT

archived May 11, 2009

Never put off until tomorrow…

Dave Cohen, ASPO-USA

"Oh Lord, make me carbon-neutral, but not yet."
— Carl Mortished in the Times Online

archived May 11, 2009

ODAC Newsletter - May 8

Staff, Oil Depletion Analysis Centre

A weekly review from a UK perspective

archived May 8, 2009

Economics - May 4

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Chinese subsidies boost rural consumption
It can be done but what is it we are doing?
Prosperity without Growth? - The transition to a sustainable economy

archived May 4, 2009

Renewables & efficiency - May 3

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Bringing efficiency to the infrastructure
Military embraces green energy
A potential breakthrough in harnessing the sun’s energy
The cost of wind, the price of wind, the value of wind

archived May 3, 2009

Energy Solutions - May 1

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Review: Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air
Giving the Power Grid Some Backbone
From Smokestacks to Your Tank

archived May 1, 2009