Solutions & sustainability - July 9

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Recovery parks, free geeks and plasma: Vancouver debates zero waste

archived July 9, 2008

Europe - July 7

Staff, Energy Bullin

Britain declares war on food waste
EU's Barroso adds fuel to German nuclear debate
Changed times for food & farming at the Royal Show.

archived July 7, 2008

Consumerism - July 2

Staff, Energy Bulletin

China Watch: Plastic bag ban trumps market and consumer efforts
Australia: Gimme shelter from affluenza
Sex and the City and handbag insanity

archived July 2, 2008

Housing & urban design - July 2

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Canada: Today's suburbs, tomorrow's slums?
Rob Hopkins Film Review: Garbage Warrior
Elephant in the Drop-Off Zone

archived July 2, 2008

Dysfunction - June 26

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Canada's tar sand El Dorado... or is it?
'I'm waiting for riots in the streets' - Britain at war over rubbish
Conservative government destroys Atlanta like Gen. Sherman never could (water)

`Demographic winter' is just overheated rhetoric

archived June 26, 2008

Biofuels - May 31

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Food report criticizes biofuel policies
Forced labor in Brazil's sugarcane fields
Global biofuel output to soar in next decade
As oil prices soar, restaurants learn to lock up old grease
Sweden turning sewage into a gasoline substitute

archived May 31, 2008

Environment - May 23

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Study: climate inaction could cost trillions
Oceans turning acidic decades earlier
A sea of synthetic trash
China's energy and environment (interview)

archived May 23, 2008

Renewables - May 20

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Stockholm: Separating food waste is profitable

Burning wood: issues for the future

Quietly, wind farms spread footprint in U.S
Dr. Harry Zervos: Photovoltaics beyond conventional silicon

archived May 20, 2008

Community solutions - May 10

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Many hands make light work of saving energy

Community gardens grow communities
Biodegradable home products, ready to rot
Building an ecologically sensible home

archived May 10, 2008

Food & agriculture - May 9

Staff, Energy Bulletin

A taste of wines to come with climate change (Chateau China?)
Britons wasting £10bn worth of food a year
Oxfam's Kripke on biofuels, food prices

archived May 9, 2008