Biofuels - July 31

staff, Energy Bulletin

Digesting the problem
Using crop residue for biofuels hurts soil quality (podcast)
Obama's biofuels policy tension

archived July 31, 2008

Trash - July 29

staff, Energy Bulletin

German waste disposal industry faces crisis
Feed from waste
Houston resists recycling, and independent streak is cited

archived July 29, 2008

Review: 'Plan C' by Pat Murphy and 'Small is Possible' by Lyle Estill

Frank Kaminski, Seattle Peak Oil Awareness (SPOA)

Pat Murphy’s Plan C is a rich treasury of practical suggestions for reducing fossil fuel consumption and fostering community cooperation—while Lyle Estill’s Small is Possible is an engrossing portrait of a small Southern town that is already taking these steps

archived July 26, 2008

Good organic garbage

Jeff Cox, Organic To Be

While this misguided attempt to make money off of high gas prices is going on, America for the most part throws its organic garbage into plastic bags that are sent to landfills, where it decays and pollutes ground waters. But what if municipalities across the country passed ordinances requiring homeowners to keep their organic garbage—paper, leaves, yard waste, kitchen scraps, and so on—separate? What if all this garbage was not discarded, but was taken to centers where it was treated with simple enzymes that turn starches into sugars, and those sugars were fermented into ethanol?

archived July 25, 2008

Trash - July 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Dumpster diving with the freegans: Why pay for food?
City to get 50 MW power from garbage
Rubbish idea that could make driving cheaper

archived July 21, 2008

An ode to horse manure and other by-products called waste

Gene Logsdon, OrganicToBe.org

Either we must adopt a new attitude toward waste, or, as ecologists and city planners are warning, we will bury ourselves in it. Wastes must be seen as a natural part of the life cycle and food chain; decay is a necessary prelude to life. And if man has, in his infinite wisdom, invented brilliant materials like plastic that will not decay in a suitable length of time, then he must reuse them or go buy an empty planet someplace for a dumping ground.

archived July 19, 2008

Renewables - July 18

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Rwanda: Govt sets its eyes on alternative energy
Texas: Utility panel sees plan adding 18,456 megawatts of energy capacity
UK: First tidal power turbine gets plugged in

archived July 18, 2008

Renewables - July 17

Staff, Energy Bulletin

£110M plan to turn human and cow waste into electricity
Footpaths to generate electricity
BART paying more in bet on solar power

archived July 17, 2008

Waste - July 13

Staff, Energy Bulletin

A truly cool city would feature a short stroll to the local worm bin
How to curb food waste
Trash collectors (students in poor barrios find their own solution)

archived July 13, 2008

Community Solutions - July 10

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Greensboro urged to prepare for oil crisis
A British town's attempt to kick the oil habit
Vancouver debates zero waste

archived July 10, 2008